Why Doesn't the Surface Laptop Have USB Type-C?

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop has very few ports: USB, Mini DisplayPort and a headphone jack. But strangely, USB Type-C is nowhere to be found.

It ends up that Microsoft did at one time consider using the new standard, which could have easily replaced all three existing ports.

Eagle-eyed Tom Warren at The Verge points out that in a promotional video discussing the craftsmanship of the Surface Laptop, you can see a prototype with a pair of USB-C ports (it's at 1:02. Blink and you'll miss it).

Reports suggest that Microsoft didn't think that USB Type-C was ready for primetime, both in terms of charging and market adoption. I don't completely buy that answer: for video, I would imagine more users are likely to use HDMI or full-size DisplayPort than the laptop's mini DisplayPort, so not including USB Type-C feels a bit like a cop out.

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We've seen several laptops, like the 15-inch HP Spectre x360 and Apple's MacBook lineup use USB Type-C for charging, and it works great. But Microsoft is seemingly committed to using the same charger across all of its mobile Surface devices; The Surface Laptop uses the same charger as the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Eventually, I imagine, the future will come and we'll see Microsoft move from a proprietary connector to USB Type-C.

We'll know soon if Microsoft is right, and if people don't really want or care about USB Type-C just yet. It certainly didn't hurt our first impressions of what looks like a great laptop with no frills or gimmicks. We'll let you know what we think with a full review as soon as the Surface Laptop shows up in our labs.

Photos: Andrew E. Freedman / Laptop Mag

[via The Verge]

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