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Microsoft Unveils Limited-Edition Mice to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

As we transition from the Year of the Rabbit to the much more impressive-sounding Year of the Dragon, Microsoft celebrates the change with the release of three limited-edition mice decorated to fit the theme of the Chinese New Year. The mice, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series and the Arc Touch Mouse, feature intricate dragon designs created by two of China's premier artists.

Artist Nod Young, drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the 15th century Nine-Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, Beijing to the Dragon Ball cartoon, created the curling dragon design that graces the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. The Arc Touch Mouse features a similar, five-finger claw dragon design by artist Lin Xu Pan.

Both the Wireless Mobile and the Arc Touch Mouse utilize Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, allowing the mice to track smoothly across almost any surface. In our review of the Arc Touch in January 2009, we found that the mouse could be used on carpet, clothing, and even bare skin. The Wireless Mobile and the Arc Touch feature nano wireless transceivers for maximum portability, and the Arc Touch is particularly travel-worthy with its ability to fold in on itself.

These limited editions of the Wireless Mobile and the Arc Touch retail for $34.95 and $69.95 respectively.  As we noted in our review of the Arc Touch, some buyers may be turned off by its $59.95 price point. While those who love the Arc Touch may be happy to pay more for a limited-edition mouse, others may not find the new artwork sufficient justification for spending seventy dollars.