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Microsoft to Offer Updates for Surface RT, Pro

It looks like Microsoft's Surface tablets are in line for some updates. In a piece on, Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley compiled a list of potential improvements and updates coming to Microsoft's tablets ranging from improved Wi-Fi connectivity to better digitize pen interactivity.

First up, Microsoft representatives speaking during a Reddit Ask Me Anything piece said the company plans to release two fixes that will increase Wi-Fi connection robustness for the Surface RT. The first update is expected to hit Surface RT tablets today, while the second will come on March 12.

Mary Jo Foley also pointed to rumored updates for the Surface Pro's digitizer pen that will help address issues users have experienced while using the feature with certain apps such as Photoshop. Other expected improvements include additional colors for the Surface's keyboard cover and an established end-of-support date for free customer support for Surface RT gadgets.

While those improvements and updates are welcome, there was no mention of possible updates to improve the Surface Pro's lackluster battery life or underwhelming camera performance.