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Microsoft Demos Windows 8 Booting in Just 8 Seconds

Microsoft is feeling the need for speed. Ahead of next week's BUILD conference, the company has released a video showing Windows 8 loading in a zippy 8 seconds.  According to Microsoft's "Building Windows 8" blog, 57 percent of PC users and 45 percent of laptop users are turning off their systems, while everyone else uses sleep or hibernation mode. Wanting to cut down on the inordinate waiting period, Microsoft created a hybrid system combining processes from hibernation mode and cold boot. 

The new system saves the Windows kernel session into a small hibernation file upon shutdown. The smaller hibernation file doesn't use as much memory as a normal hibernation and Windows 8's new multi-threaded boot support speeds things up even further with a faster data read. With this new shutdown version, Microsoft is hoping to hit three basic goals ("effectively zero watt power draw when off,  a fresh session after boot, and very fast times between pressing the power button and being able to use the PC") while appealing to both types of users. 

But don't just take our word for it, check out Windows 8 in action: