How to Star Rate Your Files in Windows 10 (and Why You'd Want to)

If you use Windows Explorer as your primary file organizer, you might want a way to flag photos or video as favorites. Whether it's for marking your favorite videos you've shot or the best family photos, the star-rating system in Windows 10 is a neat way to rank your content.

Not all files can accept a star ranking, though. As has been the case for many versions of Windows, JPEG images and MP4 videos can, but GIFs and PNG files cannot. Here's how to rate files and search for rated files in Windows 10.

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1. Right-click an photo or video.

2. Select Properties.

3. Click the Details tab.

4. Click a star to apply a rating. The fifth star from the left is a 5-star rating, the 4th is a 4-star rating and so on.

5. Click OK.

6. In Explorer, click in the search field and write "Rating:" and select a number of stars.

You've rated files and searched for them by rating!

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