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LG Dreams Up Smartphone Design With 3D Display and Rear Touch Controls

The idea of a 3D smartphone may seem far-fetched, but it looks like LG is already brainstorming a prototype to bring this technology to the market. A recently filed patent details plans for a handset with a touch screen that could display three-dimensional images without the need for accompanying eyewear.

Based on the patent, LG plans to integrate advanced haptics into this 3D display that would provide different types of physical feedback than the vibrations we’re used to in today’s devices.

“Besides vibration, the haptic module may generate various other tactile effects such as an effect by simulation such as a pin arrangement vertically moving with respect to a contact skin, a spray force or suction force of air through a jet orifice or a suction opening, a contact on the skin…”

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But this 3D display isn’t the only touch screen you may find on your future LG smartphone. The diagrams suggest that this device could come with another display mounted on the rear of the smartphone, which would act as a secondary means of controlling the handset.  It’s not clear exactly how this rear touch pad or secondary display would be incorporated in everyday use, but it sounds similar to plans we’ve seen in a previous Motorola patent that detailed a smartphone with backside touch controls.

From the looks of this patent, it seems as if LG is seeking to change the entire smartphone user experience as we know it, but they’re far from being the first to dabble in the 3D realm.  In early May, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is concocting “a high-end smartphone featuring a screen that allows for 3D images without glasses,” which sounds strikingly familiar to LG’s new patent.