Best Laptop Stickers in 2022

Best laptop stickers in 2022

Modern laptops are a work of mechanical beauty all by themselves, but with so many workstations to choose from these days, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Slapping a laptop sticker on your new system, however, is a relatively inexpensive way to give that notebook some personality. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best laptop stickers (or decals, if you prefer) from Etsy to Amazon, so that you can add some flair to your machine.


The Sketchcase is a great example of form and function teaming up. Sketchcase essentially turns the unused space on the front lid of your laptop into a whiteboard. The scratch-proof material ensures the board stays in prime condition, so that you can write out ideas and sketches for years. It’s a great way to update your laptop’s look every so often, or just jot down your next great idea. Credit: Sketchcase 

100 Sticker Pack From Amazon Best Selling Stickers

The holy grail of laptop stickers, according to Amazon shoppers, this pack features a robust mix of stickers of characters from popular television shows and viral-internet fame. The collection features plenty of tacky standouts such as a Little Psy of Gangnam Style fame, an overdosed Homer Simpson and poorly emulated brand logos, which makes us wonder about the licensing. But with 100 stickers to choose from, you’re bound to find something you like. Credit: Cool Stickers

Name Sticker

With so many people owning the same laptop, it’s easy to accidentally pick up someone else’s system. What better way to prevent an unfortunate mixup than putting your name on your notebook? With the Name Sticker, you can put your name, nickname or even a single meaningful word on your notebook so you can easily find your laptop in a sea of clones. Customizable fonts and colors help show others how you like to express yourself. This decal also makes a great gift! Credit: DecalsbyADavis/Etsy

Stranger Things Sticker

Join the unyielding mass of people buying merchandise from the latest season of Stranger Things with this cute cartoon sticker from Redbubble. Encapsulating the main cast in one of the series's most pivotal scenes: Eleven standing front and center protecting the boys from danger. Credit: MrBr8side/RedBubble

Up-Inspired Sticker on Etsy for Apple MacBook

This may be one of the cleanest designs on the list: transforming the Apple logo into the bouquet of balloons carrying the iconic house from Disney’s Up. The only negative is the fact that only MacBook users can enjoy the sticker as it requires the Apple logo to make sense. Sorry Windows and Chromebook owners. Credit: CraftyStudioz/Etsy

Nature Pack

Sea turtles, ocean waves and pineapples, the Nature Pack lets you declare your love of the beach. These cute stickers are a fun way to spruce up your laptop, and can help remind you to actually go outdoors and catch some rays. Credit: Saturdays Co.

The Office Sticker Pack

Make your laptop, like Dwight’s stapler, a Schrute. With The Office Sticker Pack, you can bring Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton Branch everywhere you go, thanks to this collection of stickers. All of your favorite characters are here, including Pam, Jim, Michael, Dwight and Prison Mike, the world’s toughest inmate. Credit: Air Essentials

Dog In Swim Goggles

Dogs make everything better. And a dog wearing swim goggles? That’s just awesome. The best-selling decal RedBubble is bound to make you fall in puppy love. Credit: Elisecv/RedBubble

Rep Your Hometown

You can take the person out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the person. See home everytime you take out your laptop with these stickers from Etsy-seller Bengalworks. The link leads to Bengalworks New York skyline; however, all you need to do is search the seller’s inventory to find your home city. Credit: BengalWorks/Etsy

The Best for Last: Your Own

RedBubble allows you to create your own stickers. Whether it’s a picture of your pet or this week’s hottest meme, you can slap whatever you can imagine on your laptop. As a bonus, when you upload your design during the creation process, you can place it on other available products, such as phone cases and shirts. Credit: RedBubble

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