Microsoft and Stranger Things Bring Windows 1.11 Back from the Dead

If you are done binging the third season of Stranger Things, you can now download a new piece of content to extend the experience: Microsoft Windows 1.11.

Credit: Microsoft

It’s only available as a PC program, which is kind of disappointing because I would have expected it to run in mobile platforms. Alas, you can avoid the 775MB download and watch — or skip through — the 14 minute playthrough:

The app, which requires Windows 10 version 10240 or higher, is at last available after being announced last week. Microsoft — which changed its Instagram’s Windows account to tease the app — describes Windows 1.11 as a game: “Explore the mysteries and secrets plaguing Hawkins, unlock unique show content and easter eggs, and play retro games and puzzles — all building off Stranger Things 3.”

To be honest, the entire thing looks rather disappointing, with video and effects you would have never experienced in the actual Windows 1.11. It would have been a lot better if Microsoft had made the experience closer to the real thing, but at least you get an extra Stranger Things fix and enjoy those glorious 5.25” floppy disk sounds once again (at least if you are a decrepit geezer like me).

This post originally appeared on Tom's Guide.