Lenovo Miix 630 is a Fetching Snapdragon 2-in-1

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LAS VEGAS — Lenovo has finally announced its first laptop running Windows 10 on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. It’s the Miix 630, a compact 2-in-1 that will start at $799 when it releases in the second quarter of 2018.

The laptop will come in multiple configurations, starting at 4GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage, or an option with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It has a 12.3-inch, 1920 x 1280 display and Lenovo claims that it will run for up to 20 hours on a charge.

p1610505The laptop also has two cameras, a front 5 megapixel camera and a rear 13-MP shooter. The Miix also includes a stylus with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for drawing and note taking.

  Lenovo Miix 630
Starting Price $799
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM 4GB or 8GB
Storage 64GB, 128GB or 256GB
Display 12.3-inch, 1920 x 1280
Battery Life 20 hours
Size 11.5 x 9.2 x 0.6 inches
Weight 2.9 pounds
Ports USB Type-C, SD card reader, headphone, Nano SIM

It’s small, at just 11.5 x 8.2 x 0.6 inches and 2.9 pounds, which means little room for ports. There’s USB Type-C, an SD card reader, a headphone jack and a Nano SIM card slot. If your carrier supports it, the Miix also includes an embedded eSIM.

When I tried the device at Lenovo's demo suite, I found it attractive, if nondescript, in its gray chassis, and I appreciated the backlit detachable keyboard, since not every Surface-style laptop has one. A representative said it has 1.3 millimeters of travel, and while the keys felt clicky, it has a plastic feeling that I didn’t love at first blush.


The folio case felt far sturdier than some competitors I’ve seen recently, and I look forward to seeing how well I can use it on my lap during lab testing.

The device’s 4G LTE connectivity is meant for users on the go, and, when mixed with the long battery life, should be a great fit for travelers.

Like Asus and HP’s Snapdragon offerings, the Miix will come out of the box running Windows 10 S, so you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if you want to run any apps that aren’t in the Microsoft Store, and that could put a ding in its battery life.

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