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Leaked Screenshots Show Upcoming Changes To Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft's been keeping changes to its various Office offerings under decently tight wraps, but details about both the upcoming Office 15 and changes to the online Office apps have still been popping up on the Web. Today's tasty tidbits: the Chinese site has leaked screenshots that suggest Office 15 is getting a new name and a new logo, while managed to snag images of some upcoming UI changes to Microsoft's Office Web Apps, which are integrated into SkyDrive and Hotmail.

Looking past CNbeta's watermark above, you'll see what the site claims is the new Office logo, which fits in nicely with the visual scheme adopted by the redesigned Windows logo that appears in Windows 8. Take a close peek at the name in the top of the window: Microsoft Office Mondo 2014 Preview. That also makes sense, assuming the screenshot proves to be real, as the last three Office iterations worked the year into their titles.

Windows reporter Paul Thurrott has gotten his hands on the Office 15 beta, which is expected to launch in June. He's posted a bevy of in-action screenshots over on, meanwhile, says that the picture below comes from a preview version of changes to Office Web Apps, and more specifically, the Microsoft Word Office Web App. The images on the left come from the current version, while the images on the right show the tweaks coming down the pipeline, including the ability to see comments in Reading mode and a more Metro-friendly file menu, complete with tab names listed in all caps. has a few more pictures up on its website, so check it out if you're interested. There's no word on when the new-look Office Web Apps Preview is expected to roll out to everybody.

Via Engadget