iPad vs Microsoft Surface: Tablet Specs Compared

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Just days before Microsoft's Surface officially hit the market, Apple dropped a bomb on Redmond by announcing its new fourth-generation iPad. Packed with a more powerful A6X processor and offering improved Wi-Fi connectivity, the latest iPad could spell trouble for Microsoft's big comeback. 

So how do does the Surface compare to Apple's latest iPad? Well, for starters, there are two versions of the Surface, an Nvidia Tegra 3-powered model running Windows RT (available now) and a more business-friendly Intel Core i5-powered model running Windows 8 Pro (likely coming in January). 

Both Surfaces are larger and heavier than the iPad 2. The screens measure 10.6-inches with resolutions of 1366 x 768 for the Surface with Windows RT and 1920 x 1080 for the Surface Pro. The Surface RT weighs 1.5  pounds versus vs. 1.44 pounds for Apple's slate. The Windows 8 Pro model is nearly 2 pounds.

The fourth-generation iPad has the same Retina display as its predecessor, packing 2048 x 1536 pixels inside a 9.7-inch display. In our side-by-side comparison, Apple's screen was not only brighter but offered better detail, color and contrast.

Some other points of difference include storage size: the Surface with Windows RT comes with 32GB of built-in storage, double the amount inside the entry-level iPad (16GB). Plus, the Surface includes a microSD Card slot for expansion, something the iPad doesn't offer. The Windows 8 Pro additional will start with 64GB.

Another feature that's unique to the Surface is its full-size USB port, which should accommodate all sorts of peripherals. You can plug in everything from USB drives and printers to cameras.

Both the fourth-generation iPad and the Surface with Windows RT cost $499. Pricing for the Surface running Windows 8 Pro has yet to be announced. Check out the chart below to get a closer look at the differences between these tablets.


iPad (Forth Generation)

Surface (Windows RT)

Surface (Windows 8 Pro)

Price $499  $499 TBA
CPU  Apple A6X dual-core  Nvidia Tegra 3 Intel Core i5
OS iOS 6 Windows 8 RT Windows 8 Pro
Display 9.7 inches
(2048 x 1536)
10.6 inches
(1366 x 768)
 10.6 inches 
(1920 x 1080)
9.5 x 7.31 x 0.37 .37 inches thick  .53 inches thick
Weight (pounds)  1.44  1.49  1.99
16GB, 32GB,
32GB, 64GB  64GB, 128GB
Ports Lighting connector microSD, USB 2.0,
Micro HD Video, 2x2
MiMO Antenne
microSDXC, USB 3.0,
Mini DisplayPort, 2x2
MiMO Antenae
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  • Jason Says:

    It's always fun to watch an Apple to Microsoft comparison, or rather the fall out. Granted the specs were wrong, but this was a comparison to the announced iPad 4, whatever. I currently have an iPad..in fact there are 4 iPads, 4 iPhones and a few older iPhones now working as iPods/AppleTV remotes, but we use Windows Laptops. We're not bias either way it just made more sense to share power adapters and accounts and at the time we started this voyage down apple lane, the iphone 3G was the better choice for my wife. Regardless, I like what Hugo said in the beginning about none being better. It really is amazing the amount of technology in such a small package. I love the iPad...for wasting time waiting for planes and in hotel rooms, but it's not a business device. When it brings in a concept of users and offers some way to connect to an MS AD Network, then it'll be ready for the enterprise. I was just looking for a comparison as their offering the Pro for 400 bucks to TechEd 2013 attendees and this was the first link.

    Also, please stop blaming Windows solely for viruses and freezes. Windows owns the market share for desktops, so of course hackers are going to attack it over Macs. Don't fool yourself, Mac is just a Linux and gets viruses. This is a generalization but as far as the freezes go, when you take countless companies that make hardware that's supposed just magically all work together you're going have problems. Remember, an OS is only supposed to software to allow a common standard for hardware to talk to each, so each hardware vendor doesn't have to write that all. The surface is an as-is shipped device, so the hardware was built for it, no custom changes there. I've so far heard great things from users. I think it really just comes down to what you feel more comfortable with and what kind of deal you can get at the moment you want to buy one. I don't think you'd be disappointed in either purchase, unless you had a specific feature in mind.

  • Aidin Says:

    Windows 8 os isn't comparable with ios. Microsoft always offers better os than apple.

  • Zig Zag Says:

    Windows is inherently slow with new Windows updates/ patching every week. And on top of that the Antivirus software will consume all CPU time on the Surface. It is a cool replacement of a laptop though.

  • Hugo Says:

    None is better. Both are good and we are damn lucky we can choose any of these marvels.
    For entertainment and "serious work" I had to settle with the Surface for many reasons, mainly USB port, videos output, adobe, flash, Microsoft Office 2013, kickstand, keyboard/cover, powerful RT Windows 8, Xbox app with 18 million songs, sinc to my Nolkia Windows phone...and the list goes on and on. God bless Mr Jobs and Mr Gates, visionary geniuses. P.S. for complex applications I run my desktop "remote" from any place with the Surface, awesome!

  • Jack Galloway Says:

    The stats table shows the surface kicks the ass of the ipad with the highest spec of processor being 1.4GHz duel core but the surface RT has 1.4 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 (up to 1.5 GHz in single-core mode) and the pro has even better with an intel 3rd gen I5 quad-core 3.4 GHz Processor and HD Graphics 4000 GPU and GPU frequency of 650–1150 MHz :O. The ports are no comparison as the surface powns with many more ports and a display port :D. Infact the only thing the pad wins on here is weight haha so I take my hat off to Microsoft on this product just unfortunatly people will see the fashion accessory as the better product because they don't know what they are talking about and everyone else has one :@

  • David Says:


    Every time I go into a CRAPPLE Store, i'm directed to a "Genius". I ask the guy at the door every time if they are genius' what does that make you!!! The answer is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    I go into a Microsoft store and ask a question, anyone/everyone is able to answer the question, no "Genius" reference required!!!! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  • Justin Shankle Says:

    Your comparing apples to oranges with this article. The user base for an i-pad and for a Surface pro are entirely different. The i-pad is a little cheap sports car (think Mazda Miata) and the surface pro is a 4x4 Truck. One is for play, the other is for work (but could also be used for playing).

    Where i-pad wins:
    Light weight
    Cheaper for base option
    more cheap apps
    simple user interface (so grandma can use it)

    Where Surface Pro wins (I don't see any reason to buy an RT version):
    More powerful processor
    Can run essentially all Windows programs (With emulators, you can also run any android or i-os apps)
    Pen input (Means you can actually take notes and make sketches, great for OneNote)
    More connectivity (you can connect almost anything to a usb port, plus there is video out for presentations)
    No software or OS restrictions

    I own a Windows 7 Laptop, a late 2011 MacBook Pro, an i-Pad 2, and Droid Razr Phone. I am the most un biased reviewer you could ask for. I use each device for what it excels at. The Windows laptop is my powerhouse for programming and productivity programs. The MacBook is for surfing the internet, listening to music (pandora/spotify not iTunes), and software testing purposes. The i-pad disappointed me, i wanted something to take with me everywhere to take notes on etc... but there are no good apps for that and the capacitive touch screen means taking notes or making sketches is impossible. I gave my i-pad to my sister and just use my Android phone for my portable computer because it has less restrictions and google has much better mobile integration. The surface pro will fill the niche that the i-pad could not.

    Why does Windows have more viruses and crashes than Macs?

    Apple tries to make their devices idiot proof, so anybody can use them. This is great for grandma or little kids. This is horrible for someone that actually knows what their doing. They limit what you can actually do with the devices so people cant easily screw them up.

    Microsoft leaves their OS more open so people can be more productive with it, easily modify files, install what ever programs they want, etc... and this opens up the potential for more user induced bugs and crashes. Microsoft also sells their OS to different PC manufactures, which is good because you get a wider variety of PC's that are tailored towards different peoples needs instead of a one size fits all Apple type solution, which is never the best fit for anyone. (Think of the stretchy hats that are either way to tight or way too loose). The problem with this, however, is that Microsoft windows updates dont always get along with the different hardware installed on all of these devices and if the hardware manufactures dont keep their drivers updated you get problems here. Now that Microsoft is starting to put out their own devices, this will eliminate this problem so Apple better watch out. The only crashes i have ever experienced with my Windows computers have been my own fault, or the fault of poor programs i was running. My MacBook has hiccuped a few times, so its not perfect by any means, and all i use it for is basic web browsing and testing some different apps. The ipods i have owned (classic and shuffle) were horrible, they locked up all the time. The main button on the ipad quit working 6 months after i got it and i never even used the button ( my sister discovered it didn't work after i gave it to her). So Apple has its problems too, don't make out like its perfect.

    The bottom line is neither company is perfect, but depending on what you plan to use your device for there is a clear choice between the two.

    The perfect comparison of Apple to Windows is a Corvette vs a Truck, respectfully. The truck (Microsoft) isnt as sexy as the Corvette (Apple), but it offers a lot more utility, you can do a lot more with it. Sure you can cruise to work and back in the corvette, but you cant haul anything or go off road with it and you cant carry more than one passenger, even though it has an engine with as much power as the truck. The corvette is very simple to use, you just jump in and drive. The truck has a lot more features, such as 4x4, rear windows (lets assume a 4 door truck), differential locks, more gauges for stuff, trailer brakes, cab lights, fog lights, etc... things that are highly functional but would just confuse grandma. With in reason, you can never make a corvette any more useful than stock, which is pretty much useless except to cruise around with an over powered engine. The truck, on the other hand, can be upgraded with a few aftermarket parts to be faster than the corvette while still maintaing its usefulness. (search for diesel truck smokes corvette on youtube)

    The Zune was a mistake, not because of the device itself, but because it was late to market with no significant improvements over the competition. My friend has a Zune that he has for years and it has never once locked up on him like my ipods did. Every company makes mistakes (Apple made a phone that lost service if you held it the wrong way), and with every feature added there are sacrifices made.

  • Hillary Dina Says:

    Every single person I've met who absolutely love PC say you have to know how to tweak windows to get it to work right and you have to know how to troubleshoot it. One person told me it takes like 4 hours to get windows to work the best it can and you still have to know how to troubleshoot it...he called it "knowing how to use it." You know how much tweaking I had to do to my mac to get it working right after I bought it? I had to put it in on mode by pressing a single button...done!

    The only reason people like PC is because they don't know any better. Every single person I've introduced to Mac absolutely love it and won't touch PC ever again.

  • Hillary Dina Says:

    The Surface is going to turn out like everything Microsoft does...a cheap, buggy, flawed "oh *** we need to catch up, version of something Apple has already perfected. It will be bloated with useless features no one will use and do the things people actually do want it to very poorly. Like I said, anyone remember the Zune debacle?

  • Hillary Dina Says:

    Microsoft outdoes apple? Really? Some "I'll buy anything Microsoft tells me to" fanboy really said that?

    Let's see...

    Anyone remember the Microsoft Zune debacle?
    -It was released 6 years after the iPod

    -The whole thing looked like an iPod rip off. Right down to the user interface.

    -It had no compatibility with anything but the Zune marketplace, not even the other MS music store (PlaysForSure), so if you already had MS music, you had to buy it all again. PlaysForSure? Not sure anymore.

    -Zune Market place operated on a points system that made sure that no matter how many songs you bought you always had a few unused points left over...wasted money that could never be used in full. Therefore, you end up paying more than you would if you used the reality based iTunes. People use $$$ not points.

    -Zune cannot be used with Mac, but the iPod can be used with Windows just as easily as Mac.

    -When Zune was launched it had a 9% market share, only behind...you guessed it...the iPod (63% market share). By 2009 Zune market share had decreased to 2%.

    -Zune revenue brought MS a whopping 185 million at it's best and the iPod, during the same time period, was 3.3 billion.

    -Former MS exec Robbie Bach says that the Zune was a mistake. Anyone at Apple ever call the iPod a mistake?

    -They didn't have much support for the Zune outside the US and only poor support for it in Canada.

    -One of the biggest features of the original Zune was a wireless sharing service that allowed you to share a song with a friend who had a Zune (and no one had a friend with a Zune), but the friend was limited to 3 days or 3 plays. This feature ate up battery life and didn't work with half the MS music players out there. iPod has never had such a feature yet iPod sales were 17 times higher than Zune when Zune sales were at their highest.

    -Upon its launch the Zune was $300, slightly cheaper than the competing iPod. But wait...there was another model of the iPod that was cheaper than the Zune...quickly MS was forced to drop the price to $250 just to compete.

    -Too many useless features: very very very limited wireless sharing, a radio ($250 for a hard drive based music player just to listen to a radio? iPod has never had a radio and need I remind you of their sales?), wireless syncing that required you to plug it into an outlet to use (making it just as many wires as Apples USB sync).

    -Artificial "sold out" lies as a marketing ploy. They claimed the Zune80 had sold so fast that stores couldn't keep it on the shelves, but the stores without it on their shelves never received the Zune80 in the first place.

    -In 2007 the Walstreet Journal did an Internet survey and out of 123,000 votes only 164 votes were received for the Zune. The subject? "Which of these electronics are you most likely to buy as a gift."

    -After they had stopped production of the Zune MS tried to tell everyone that the Zune was a huge success the previous year...then why discontinue it? And yes, you read that right...discontinued...see below:

    -Oh, and the most important comparison of all...Zune has been officially discontinued. Their replacement for the Zune? Buy an 10lbs, must be tethered to a TV, Xbox and use the Xbox music store. You bought a Zune then suddenly it's useless...hundreds of dollars down the drain. Need I say more?

    iPhone release: 2007
    iPhone 4 release: 2010
    Windows Phone release: 2010
    Need I say more? It's catchup again.

    Operating systems:
    I've used Windows from 3.0 to 7 and every single one has been buggy, annoying, and so unintuitive that I seriously believe they're designed by martians. Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11 was so buggy my computer spent most of the time in the shop being repaired. Windows 95 was released with a bug that crashed your system if it was left turned on for more than 30 days (i.e. millions of business computers), windows 98 was absolutely nothing more than re-branded windows 95 that required more advanced hardware than most people had at the time. Windows ME was such a joke that MS discontinued it very very quickly and replaced it with Windows 2000. Windows XP was advertised as the most secure version of Windows ever and was in actuality the lease secure version. Windows Vista was such a nightmare that no one wanted it and would purposely downgrade computers to XP. Windows 7 isn't bad but it's basically a $150 Vista update and not even an upgrade. Windows 8 requires you to relearn how to walk all over again just to check e-mails.

    The biggest problem with windows is the joke that is Windows Registry. The Windows Registry has several disadvantages. Although it is relatively easy to back up and restore the database to the same Windows installation, moving per-program or user-specific settings to a different machine is difficult because so many programs use settings that are dependent on the local machine. If you try to clone a windows system to a new hard drive in case of a failure you have to reenter serial numbers for every single piece of software you own all over again. Over time the registry ends up with thousands of unused or unnecessary files and slows down the computer. The official MS solution? Reinstall the OS completely fresh every couple of years? Really? I have a Mac that's had the same OS for 5 years and another for 2.5 and have never reinstalled any software and have never had any issues. The registry also makes it very easy for Malicious software to target files and destroy a computer. Unix's forked file system makes it more difficult to write effective viruses for Mac.

    Lack of any sort of Virus protection. Windows is an unfinished software at best. Every time you use the internet it's like having egregious amounts of unprotected sex eventually, and sooner than later, you're going to get a virus and it's game over. Windows can get a Virus by simply visiting the wrong website and then the virus downloads itself and you don't even know anything happened. Not so with Mac. Viruses can automatically install themselves by opening the wrong e-mail. Again, not so on mac. Recently the Virus software I have on the PC suddenly became corrupt and won't delete any viruses so I have to either put up with the viruses or reinstall the OS.

    I currently use 2 computers. A Mac with OS X 10.8.2 and a PC with Windows Vista. My Mac is used every single day for video production, audio, and the Internet. I've never had a virus...never...and I've checked my system with multiple virus software. It's 2.5 years old. The PC I use has about 40 new viruses a week and it's used less than 10 hours a week. The PC has a glitch in the operating system that won't let any new software be installed and the only solution for it is to reinstall the operating system anew. I've never even heard of that happening on a Mac and I've used OS 9 and OS X 10.2 - 10.8.2. The Windows updater is a joke. Every single time there is an update it separates the updates into multiple categories and you have to hunt around on multiple screens to click the check boxes to have them all installed. I've never ever ever done a Windows update where some of the updates wouldn't install and I couldn't figure out why, even after hours on the internet. Never had an update not install perfectly on a Mac...ever! The PC sometimes, more often than not, hangs when booting and has to be hard rebooted 3 times before it will finally get into the OS, even then 1 of 5 times it freezes and has to be hard rebooted yet again. It's so slow. And it has a 2.5GHz dual core processor with 2GB of RAM. Once the OS is on the screen it takes another 5 minutes to be usable. I walk away while it's booting, have a can of coke, then go outside and have a cigarette, and come back. Still booting, ugh. My back can be booted and on the internet in 4 minutes or less.

    Installing anything requires you to reboot your computer with a PC. If you do a software update the PC might reboot itself 3 or 4 times. Mac? The only rebooting I've ever done with an update is with an official OS update or a Safari update. I never have to reboot when software is installed ever. The OS itself...if you reinstall MAC OS X, say your hard drive dies, you can easily do it no problem. If you try that with Windows your product license will not work because it's already been used and you'll spend an hour and a half on the phone to get a new one. Seriously, I had to do this one day.

    Apple invented GUI. MS followed. MS Simply copied MS-DOS from another program already called DOS. Windows NT was basically OS/2, which was a joint venture between Microsoft and IBM, and Microsoft terminated the project then turned it into Windows NT so they could cut IBM out of the profits.

    Microsoft Supported HDDVD, which was a failure.

    The XBOX and the XBOX 360 have a fatal flaw where if you bump it even in the slightest, or walk through the room with too much force on the floor or whatever normal motion people do it suddenly the disc becomes misaligned the player destroys it. Don't move while playing XBOX, lol!

    Need I say more? Maybe you want to rethink your MS outdoes Apple statement, lol

  • Buddyboi Says:

    All that matters to me is which one has a flash player and can run programs like pro tools, final cut, adobe premiere, or Black Ops 2. I want a tablet with true pc or mac capabilities and not just cell phone apps.

  • Nexus Says:

    There is nothing new about the fourth generation ipad. Buying the surface pro tablet is an actual steal, considering you would have to have a laptop when buying the ipad. The windows 8 comes with an antivirus (end to constantly purchasing incompatible antiviruses) which ensures security. The surface tablet also has a usb port that connects almost anything. What's with the complaints about the weight, its a 0.04lbs difference, get over it.

  • Richard Says:

    The hidden fact about the 32 gig Surface is that it only has 16gigs open once windows is installed - so it is kind of a 16 gig surface...

  • john doe Says:

    Well you all need to look at it this way: The Apple products are not immune to hackers, just much more difficult to hack. Apple offers a free security suite for all of the systems they sell, even though you can purchase a stronger version of protection depending on your usage. My 1st generation iPad has lasted since the week I got it on its second week after debut. I did have a zune from Microsoft, but please after My windows computer crashed from a disk error, I tossed it in the trash after destroying the hard drive and went to get an iMac Pro along with my MacBook Air. I have had both of those computers for three years now, and they still run like new. I am just more comfortable with Apple's degree of customer support and degree of security they put on the products they sell. However these PC computers you need to continually do upgrades to the system along with the software updates to keep your computer running correctly and efficiently. Please do note, that even this Microsoft system does offer a few more things, you need to be aware of the possibilities of virus infections and easy hacking. Microsoft just doesn't have all of the Apps that Apple offers and can continually update and keep up to par for your enjoyment.

  • google Says:

    its not about the specs, its about the software.
    for crying out loud, Microsoft 8 crashed in the presentation.

  • Robert lambert Says:

    I own the first, third,and buying the fourth iPad ,I'm studying 3dmax and would love to be able to just fire it up just to get used to the user settings if Microsoft come up with a tablet that can at least load the program I will buy it for sure

  • Sam Says:

    This site is obviously biased. They fail to mention the 2 gig of ram on the surface vs 1 gig on the ipad. They also, just happened to leave out the Quad core part of the Surface CPU. Those two things and their "much heavier" comments really shows they are not giving an objective unbiased comparison.

  • Gertsy Says:

    I bought an iPad for my wife. (she's not really into technology) I'm thinking of buying one of these for myself. But I might wait for the i5 Pro version.
    iPads are great for what you can use them for but the surface will obviously be great for nearly everything, within the constraints of RT. Which IMO aren't nearly as constraining as the Apple microverse.
    I think the comments around "catchup" are invalid. Updates should be around capability and productivity and not technical features, and no-one compares the iPod with Diamond and Creatives offerings years before the iPods release because of the product advances, not the product principle.
    Apple didn't start the tablet and hopefully won't be fighting to win it. I hope they get back to inovating laterally and get out of the technical features release rut they seem to be in at the moment.
    Vive la differance!

  • Kevin T Says:

    Dude... you are getting schooled by these users. have you actually researched this? btw, I have been following windows 8 surface since about 2007 (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2138251,00.asp), and when the tablet came along, it was the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to introduce it. Timing is everything in the business world. Now that the ipad, iphone, and other apple technologies has become a little stale, this is new and different and cheaper. Also since this has a keyboard option and it has an expansible hard drive, it can very likely be a laptop replacement which is something that business professionals have been looking for. I think that this is going to be a big success and a nice breath of fresh air.

  • Justin Says:

    I own an ipad 3 ...i really love it..i can play games and stuff.. But when it comes to connectivity ..not awesome at all. Im really impressed with surface ....true, im a fan of apple. I love apple products . But surface ! Its freaking amazing !!!

  • JR Says:

    I owned an iPad 3 for 4 weeks and returned it today, partially because of the whole "new new iPad" controversy. I was thinking I may exchange mine for the "iPad 4", even though I wasn't super impressed with the iPad to begin with. On my way back from the Apple store, I passed by the Microsoft store and decided to have a look at the new Surface tablet. And I have to say, it looks much better to me compared to the iPad. I realize they don't have that many apps yet, but then again, how many of the apps that Apple has, do you really use? They seem to have the ones that I use, and then some that Apple does not offer and are actually pretty crucial for me. Such as, Word and Excel.

    I don't intend to do a whole lot of actual work on my tablet, but I would like to be able to when it's necessary, and quite frankly, I simply cannot deliver a client a "Pages" document or even a doc file that has been edited/converted using Pages. It's simply not acceptable to them, because the formatting may not have been preserved. In addition, (and this absolutely boggles my mind!) it is impossible to create an e-mail on the iPad and attach more than one file at a time. Really? Really! This device I paid almost a thousand dollars for, cannot complete this simple task? Nope! I have to send my client an e-mail for each file I want to send them. How incredibly unprofessional is that? It really amazes me that iPad users have put up with this. And another thing that is impossible to do, is to easily upload a file through a web interface. WOW! It's equally unbelievable to me that iPad users have been accepting this obvious flaw. (Maybe they really are lemmings?!) Sure, there are certain apps that try to make it possible, but they don't work for all websites (not the ones that I use for my work). I have to e-mail myself the file and use my ANDROID phone to get the job done! Pretty pathetic. That seems to be the theme with any Apple product I've used: spend hours of your precious time to try and find workarounds to make things possible that you can do on a PC or Android device without a hitch. And let's face it, the things I've mentioned above are simple tasks that I would expect any tablet to be able to perform without any problems.

    In any case, the Surface will be able to run Office and will also be able to do all the other things mentioned above, so I think I will probably get one of those over the "iPad 4". Although, I will probably wait for the Surface Pro to come out. It will be nice to also be able to run actual programs on it. Actually, it will be GREAT!

    All in all, my first real experience with Apple has been quite disappointing to me. The iPad is great for playing games on and watching videos, but that's about it. The Retina-display is very nice and the 4G option is great, but I don't think it's worth the extra money. I tried out the Surface RT in the store today and the screen actually looked just as nice, and it has a USB port, so you can still get 4G on it through there as well. The only thing that I thank Apple for is their return policy. I got my thousand bucks refunded and will be purchasing the tablet that has the most to offer to me, and sadly it probably won't be an iPad...

  • James Says:

    The comparison is not true. you get 32GB surface for $499 wheras you get 16GB ipad for $499, 32GB ipad is $599

  • RB79 Says:

    3. "not smart enough to brush your"
    Brush up your

  • RB79 Says:

    The grammar police is out in full force today, huh? If you were trying to just correct someone to help them get better that's one thing; but putting them down because of that reflects more on your lack of maturity.

    1. "...by using the word “your” in place of the correct word “you’re”..."
    You're is a condensed form of "you are" or "you were", most commonly the latter.
    So it's "correct words", not "correct word".

    2. "cuz", "cause", "coz" are all wrong
    Should be "because".

  • adam Says:

    Excuse that comment. Google answered it. Carry on now.

  • adam Says:

    Can you run Java apps on either iPad or Android? I use 5250 emulators written in Java on both Mac and Win7 PCs just fine. Can you do this with tablets? I know you can jailbreak a ipad but does this mean you can run your own Java app?

  • Micah Says:

    "You don't need to know Says:
    June 23rd, 2012 at 10:57 am
    @Sam. Wow you sound like a 8 year old that has no idea what your talking about. So if Microsoft is “3 times better than apple” Please tell me why they crash get viruses freeze and get extremely hot. And spend hundreds of dollars to repair a pc?. Sorry but I’ll take a Mac over a pc any day where I can do it all! PS it’s “cause” not “cuz” kid"

    Wow! This person needs to be told how completely stoooopid he is before he's allowed to cross the street alone and ruin some beautiful bumpers and windshields out there with such a worthless/empty head! First off...you're REALLY going to correct Sam's spelling of the word "cuz" that was CLEARLY spelled incorrectly on PURPOSE when you make the most MORONIC mistake on the planet by using the word "your" in place of the correct word "you're"?!?!

    Second...only a brainless person would compare the issue of viruses to whether a Mac or PC is better! The world is over 90% RUN by PC/MS! That is why there are so many viruses Dingaling! If Mac ran our government and banks there would be just as many viruses made for the magical fruit software you so blindly worship! And yea....there would be almost ZERO viruses made for MS if they flipped sided today as well!

    Why would you post something on here if you're (not your) not smart enough to brush your (proper usage) teeth without help? Let me guess....just cuz??

  • David Bowman Says:

    I have to say apples to oranges here. The ipads have blu tooth capability, headphone plug, and a camera. The new MS Surface has a larger storage capability, USB conectivity (which may not sound like a lot, but it give the device a large expandability). I think the Surface is going to be more geared towards business users, while the Ipad it geared to users on the go who like to listen to music and watch movies (face it, no matter how great the games look on the Ipad, I know that everyone wishes they could use a game controller with them). It think that to clone the Ipad is not the way to go, but to offer similar services while giving more in another direction is the smart thing to do when introducing a new product into the tablet market. I use my PC desktop and laptop to play games and get onto the internet and can still use Itunes to play music. I use my Ipad on the go, since it is light, has great apps, and I can use it's blu tooth to add a keyboard and use a blu tooth headphone set to listen to music and watch movies. So you can say I enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • TC72 Says:

    Well four months on the release is finally upon us. What do the tech crowd have to say so far? It's a half way house, neither a good tablet nor a good laptop, you'll find a picture of this device in the dictionary under compromise.

    The spec comparison needs updating as well, seems like you'll be needing the extra memory because the operating system takes up so much, but hey at least you get the real windows experience. You can always add an SD card for more memory and it's just as fast as the onboard memory, oh no wait.

    At least you can type on it with a real keyboard and it's included in the cost, oh no wait again.

    Well at least I have all those extra ports and don't need to buy adaptors for video like the iPad, oh what was that Microsoft?
    [HD Video Out also requires the HD Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter (each sold separately)] VGA you say, yes I can plug this thing into my 10 year old CRT monitor, who needs AirPlay?

    Anyway, try doing something professional on an iPad without a fully featured production ready version of Microsoft Office 2013! Why is it called 2013? That's when it might get out of beta or preview or whatever name they have for not finished by then.

    I'll just leave this here:

  • Philip Machanick Says:

    It remains to be seen whether people really want something closer to a full computer in this form factor. Once you add a mouse or trackpad, you can't hold it in your hand any more, and stylus-based devices have been around more than 10 years and never sold in big numbers. The kick stand is not a great design feature, because it implies the need for a firm surface, reducing again the scenarios when you can use it comfortably. Currently this space is owned by Apple and Android variants (Kindle Fire, Samsung) and Microsoft does not have the app base to take them on. If you are going to buy one of these as a notebook alternative, why not get a notebook?

    I bought an iPad mainly because it gave me the option to take something much lighter to a conference, where I need to read email and give a presentation. When I have that option, it works pretty well for me. If I need a real computer, I bring that instead, so I don't need to compromise on issues like keyboard quality and a poor alternative to a mouse or trackpad.

    It will be great if Microsoft can bring new competition to this space, but I have my doubts. An important thing to understand what business a company is really in. Although everyone focuses on Apple's hardware and the question of what value it really represents, Apple's real competitive edge is in a huge bank of credit card numbers. If they wanted to switch their business model tomorrow to slim margins on hardware and making most of their money from their app and iTunes stores, they could. Microsoft on the other hand has built a business out of high-margin software. How can they turn that around overnight?

    Check this out: http://mcakins.wordpress.com/total-app-count/ – Current Total App Count in Windows 8 RTM Store = 4,284 (mostly free); compare with iOS http://appshopper.com/ Total Available Apps: 694,566 and Android http://www.appbrain.com/stats/number-of-android-apps Current number of Android apps in the market: 548,200.

    The real big killer number is Apple has (at last count http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/23/will-apple-be-the-first-to-break-1-trillion/) 435-million credit card numbers. Only Amazon is in likely to be in this league: a much higher fraction of of Android customers only download free stuff.

    As for the new Windows look of huge fat, flat icons, if it works as badly as the Ubuntu Unity interface (some say worse: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/ubuntu-12-04-vs-windows-8-five-points-of-comparison/10900), meh.

  • Ion Says:

    Surface is a computer. iPad is a toy. Just look at ports for iPad, and then at Surface RT: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MiMO Antenne. Very impressive! Then look at operating systems. Win8 is a real PC OS with real multitasking and so on.

    There are some shortcomings for Surface in that, but also there are a lot of big advantages. It's up to MS to play cards right.

  • Enrico Says:

    I've been wanting to get a tablet that works like a PC. I think surface got me.

  • Harry Says:

    How about this..I bet surface is meant for adults who do the business.iPad mainly meant for teenage kids who love texting and old folks who love to pan grand kids photos/reading AARP articles..other than that can you show me any real business app is running on ipad? even if somebody want to build decent app,look at that stupid objective C ? Damn what a language design it is? it clearly yells at you that it was designed by ego than smartness.Apple attitude towards enterprise? the less we comment the better we are. Surface, I have very huge rich desktop client application used by high powered investmnt folks, it just works without any code/technology changes(I tested on samsung tablet but expect surface do better than that?) .If i need to build same app on iPad it may cost $6M on top of that it is not guarenteed it can be done...You be the judge..

  • donald Says:

    All you fan boys just stop fighting each other . Ipad3 owners are now envy because they spent more bucks on a product which is far behind surface. Just see how beautiful surface looks and the powerful 22nm core i5 processor which can multitask photoshop,3d cad,ms office apps seamlessly. For you ipad fans multitasking is ability to run multiple apps concurrently and Win 8 took it to the next level. I think you can never see that on yous ipads.

  • Jon Jacob Says:

    To those saying its supposed to be a tablet not a PC, give me a break. The whole reason I have not bought a tablet yet is because they are so woefully inadequate. I don't want an "app" I want a full application. I need my PC to tablet transition to be seamless, and with the surface I can do that especially with the Pro model. I can tell you alot of Network admins, PC techs, and the like will freaking love this thing. I know I being one of them will. Its time for the tablet to break free of its constraints and join the greater computer world. Today's tablets are like training wheels on a bike, time to take em off and get to some real mobile computing.

  • Eric Says:

    Microsoft is better than Apple in every way possible... except Tablets. The iPad is indeed pretty cool. The Surface looks like it has potential though.

  • Andy Lees Says:

    Oh and for everyone saying there isn't much difference in weight. 1.44 vs 1.99 is a massive difference. DO NOT LOOK AT THE RT VERSION.

    Windows 8 RT has no support from any software developer. It is a brand new operating system which will NOT support x86 software. Not only does the iPad 3 murder Win8RT, I'd rather have iPad 1, or a cheap Chinese Android rip off tablet. Avoid RT like the plague!

  • Andy Lees Says:

    The simple fact is this - if you want a truly productive tablet which is arguably more versatile than a laptop the Surface Wpro is the only way to go. The iPad has zero pro web editing software, zero pro video editing software, zero pro photo manipulation software, it will not accept USB devices it is nothing more than an expensive toy. The only other tablets that 'could' compete but don't are Android - droid is a much looser unix platform and could easily be expanded to run full professional unix software - or you could just install Ubuntu on your droid device. However, Ubuntu doesn't have the support from any pro level software yet, so it brings you back to the Surface. Even if the pro surface is $800 it still represents good value against the ipad at $499.

    I personally don't think they should be mentioned in the same breath. It's like comparing a real car against a corgi car. MS can't count their chickens just yet though. Apple's OSX is much more robust, has support of ALL pro level software and it doesn't take much for them to release a tablet with the power of the MacBook Air.

    I don't see a place for the Windows RT version though. If WP8 does well (which it won't) then it could boost the sales and support of the RT version. I think the only people who will end up with the RT device will do so by mistake. Maybe mom and dad get them it for Christmas, but it'd be the most miserable Xmas present in the world. It'd be like wanting Optimus Prime transformer model only for your mom and dad to get you a Barbie doll instead.

  • Null Says:

    Ok plain and simple IPAD is an oversized, overpriced, underpowered, ipod touch. I doesn't have a keyboard. Also Windows 8 blows Macs iOS out of the water. Also with this plus Windows phone 8 and windows 8 on your PC not to mention the XBOX (wheres apple's gaming console oh wait there isn't one) you will have unparrallelled integration between all of them. Also the Pro is running off an Ivy Bridge chipset. Which is the fastest chipset available right now. Which means the Surface will work better and be faster than your little slow oversized Ipods. Not to mention the base storage on the surface is twice what the storage is on an Ipad and it's expandable. It has USB AND MicroSD slots. oh and about the 1000's of ipod accessories that you can plug into your 1 port, there are MILLIONS of usb accessories that can be plugged into a usb port so your argument is invalid. Maybe you "IPAD/MAC Lovers" should do your homework on the actual hardware and OS before you make half educated comments. For instance all you tards that have your overpriced "MAC" computers that only use them to surf the net wasted alot of money on a tool that you use 1/100th of. Mac computers are designed for webdesign, graphic design, music editing, and video editing. If you don't intend to use it for any of those then thats dumb. You just payed $1500 on a computer to do a job of a $300 computer. You could buy a netbook, a laptop, a xbox, a tablet, and a smart phone with the price of one mac book and have better integration than Apple. So once again do your homework before commenting on a comparrison where you don't even have a leg to stand on Apple users.

  • TJ Says:

    Oh oh oh. You know, I love my iPad 3 for media consumption, reading, and a host of other day-to-day activities. I paid over $1k for mine to get the data plan, the 64g, and a Best Buy insurance plan for it.

    That was a kick in the nuts, but I love the device... everything except that ridiculous little data port that won't let you connect anything useful. The selling point for the Surface is that USB port. Being able to connect any USB will be a delight. Portable scanners & printers, any camera input you want. I hate the Apple port. They sell a USB adapter for it... and it won't let you plug in a single USB device known to man. I've tried dozens of devices. Not even a portable USB device can be connected. It's ridiculous beyond words.

    So the Surface has my interest. Keen interest.

    The next big selling point is the ability to run ACTUAL APPLICATIONS that I can do WORK on. Have you ever tried composing any REAL professional document on an iPad? It's really impossible. You can do basic text, sure, but you can't really create a magazine spread. Sure, there are gimmicky aps like Garage band and a few other music composition packages, but you can't REALLY compose professional music with it because the storage capability is too small to handle professional instrument libraries. They're all dumbed down heavily compressed instrument libraries. Have you ever tried editing any sort of movie with iMovie? It's the most retarded ap on the planet. You can barely drop in clips and do a cross-fade. That's it.

    With the Surface, I'll be able to load Adobe products and do professional photoshop work, professional film editing work, professional audio engineering, professional word processing or even document layout.

    "Get a laptop" you say? Yeah, but laptops just aren't compact enough to be convenient travel companions. I rarely get my laptop out to do work on the road because the thing is just so bulky and difficult to haul around. That monstrosity of a power cord is probably heavier than the Surface is.

    I love my iPad3, but it's not a true production machine. It's a toy, a gaming machine, a toolkit, and a media browser. Which is perfect! I love it for what it does. I love my education apps for learning languages. I love my AppBox Pro for convenient measurement conversions, I love my note app for taking notes & journal entries. I love watching movies on it and playing games. It's fantastic.

    But it doesn't let me connect to any useful external devices, even a basic portable storage device, and it doesn't have any professional apps. If Microsoft Surface can do everything the iPad does and add that true application support for productivity, it'll be a no-brainer purchase. Apple is an amazing company, yet still so ridiculously closed-minded when it comes to connectivity.

  • Tony33oh Says:

    I am typing this comment on my iPad 3 and am honestly really impressed with microsofts new toy. It looks pretty amazing and cannot wait to sink hours into it. I want to play with the better device regardless of who makes it. Really hoping that this thing works as well as it looks!!

  • Buy what you want Says:

    This sounds like is typical believers discussion. Apple church vs Windows church. Both grow up!

  • Jacob Says:

    i build my own desktop pc's. (windows) and i have to say apple has some kick ass screens. i thought about buying a thunderbolt display from apple but the price tag is 1000 bucks. its expensive but i would buy one. and the reason they can charge so much is because apple doesn't have just one competitor. apples a super giant compared to sony, hp, dell and so on. those company have no incentive's to go all out features wise because their main competition has similar features and they change the game to much. but with the surface and the ipad their going to go head to head directly and my guess is that the surface is going to have better screen resolution. and ppl might and i said might flock to the surface. and that might be the new hip thing to have. and the ipad will be revamped and might edge out the surface. and thats good because a direct head to head market leads to better products

    -NXTX m59 case
    ASUS m5-a88 evo
    AMD FX 8150 3.6ghz stock (oc to 4.1 and turbo oc to 4.9 ghz)
    16 gb gskill ram
    HD 6870 video
    antec h60 cooler
    120gb ocz agility 3 ssd
    2x (1 tb hdds striped)

  • The God Of Digital World Says:

    @You don't need to know. Wow u are the truly kid, din't know anything bout technology. Mac actually a crap

  • jay Says:

    cnt just stop laughing at all dis apple freaks. microsoft started tablet innovation in 2002 b4 apple nd as far as am concerned i wuld go for any microsoft product.xbox zune nd ......................... dat reminds me the microsoft surface

  • Marc Says:

    What's laughable are airheads who think Apple has cornered the market on the kool factor. iPods are being crushed out of existence because of smart phones and clouds. And, android phones are crushing iPhone sales 2-1. Steve Jobs is gone and it looks like Apple is set to rest on its laurels again.

  • Gpj Says:

    Lol... They made the comparisons for you to consider which one you'll buy. If you buy the iPad, no one cares and if it's the Microsoft, no one cares either... But, the fact is that iPad will continue to lead the market. It sounds more cool to tell my friends that I own and iPad...

  • Marc Says:

    Most guys here think the writer is biased towards Apple. One guy thinks the writer is part of a right-wing fox news conspiracy to promote MS. FTR, the tech reporter on Fox News is a total Apple junkie groupie. I have a Kindle Fire and that thing is stunning for $199. I have a iPad 2nd gen. My Kindle Fire is not the same form factor and not the same overall performance, but it does 80-90+% of what my ipad does just freakin fine. The damn little thing is just smart. My only Q about surface, since iPad3 is not enough of an upgrade yet if you have an iPad2, is could it possibly run both android and apple apps? If it can, if it can just run android apps, it will take over, Microsoft crap or not. Convergence has to come to the app world. In the end, what people really care about is what they can do with these things and they want to do it on the hardware, any hardware for which they paid. Apple has already conceded this war once before in the ancient pc world. Me thinks Microsoft could win this battle again. And, one more thing going for Microsoft, GOOG is becoming just a little bit scary. Microsoft doesn't make its living by investigating you.

  • You don't need to know Says:

    @Sam. Wow you sound like a 8 year old that has no idea what your talking about. So if Microsoft is "3 times better than apple" Please tell me why they crash get viruses freeze and get extremely hot. And spend hundreds of dollars to repair a pc?. Sorry but I'll take a Mac over a pc any day where I can do it all! PS it's "cause" not "cuz" kid

  • Nathan Says:

    This is why I hardly ever read laptop anymore, you guys are ridiculously pro-apple. It gets tiring when you won't even give any competitors a fair go because you go in with all apple flags a-waving, making up information if you have to just to support your claims.

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