Is an iPad Mini Pro On The Way?

We expect there to be at least three new iPads coming very soon. That's thanks to an astonishing number of leaks about an affordable 9.7-inch model, a new 10.5-inch version with almost no bezel, and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But some reports are also pointing to a fourth version: the iPad Mini Pro.

While rumors of a professional iPad Mini swirled last year, they've largely died down. The source that many sites are pointing to for the iPad Mini Pro is TechValue, a Greek site with no track record to speak with, so excuse us for remaining skeptical.

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Mobile marketing firm Fiksu discovered earlier this week that as many as four iPads were being tested in Cupertino, which lends some credence to the rumor, but the same thing happened prior to the release of the last two iPad Pros, and there weren't four distinct models then.

Apple is expected to hold an event at its new campus in early April to announce the new iPads, so only then can we be certain if we'll see an iPad Mini Pro -- or any of the other reported models.

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