How to Use Stacks in macOS Mojave

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If your desktop is a mess, Apple's got a solution. It's called Stacks, and it's available as a part of macOS Mojave (currently available as a public beta).

Once you activate Stacks, it will group the images, PDFs, screenshots and other kinds of files on your Desktop into single icons that look resemble flat, overlaid files. Clicking on a Stack expands its contents, but you can also scroll up and down on a stack to see its contents.

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Here's how to use Stacks to clean your messy desktop. For example, let's start with mine:mess

1. From the desktop, click View.

2. Select Use Stacks.

3. That messy screen is now clean! 

screen shot 2018 06 27 at 3.48.54 pm

4. Clicking on a stack reveals its contents. Click the empty stack to hide them.

6. To change how Stacks works, click View.Auto Draft

7. Under Group Stacks By, select a sorting option.Auto Draft

8. Scroll up and down on a Stack to browse the images inside, so you can find and open select images.scroll1

Congrats, you're a Stack master!

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