How to View Favicons in Safari on macOS Mojave

Favicons, the little icons in your web browser tabs that allow you to know what site a tab is from, have long existed in Chrome and Firefox, but were missing from Apple's Safari. So, when Apple revealed that macOS Mojave would finally bring favicons to Safari at WWDC this year, I wasn't surprised by the crowd's loud, positive reaction.

Annoyingly, though, favicons are not enabled by default in Mojave. Instead, the option to turn on favicons is something you have to dig into Safari's settings to find.

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Here's how to enable favicons in Safari in macOS Mojave, currently available as a public beta:

1. After opening Safari, click Safari in the menu bar.

2. Click Preferences.

3. Click Tabs.

4. Check the box next to "Show website icons in tabs."

You've enabled favicons in Safari!

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