How to Use Ask to Buy in iOS 8

One feature of iOS 8 Family Sharing is the ability to set up child accounts. The kids can then use the family credit card to purchase apps, music, videos, and books for their device. But rather than just giving them free reign, you can set up "Ask to Buy" on their account. This will require that they ask a parent or guardian for permission to purchase. The parent can then approve or deny the purchase. Here is how to set up "Ask to Buy" in iOS 8.

1. The easiest way to set up "Ask to Buy" is to enable it when you create their account in Family Sharing. If they already have an account, you'll need to connect it to your family. Open Settings > iCloud > Family amd tap Add Family Member...

2. Enter the email address associated with their Apple account.

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3. Have them enter their password to connect their account to your family, or wait for them to accept the invitation.

4. They will be added with full access, so you'll need to tap on their name to set up Ask To Buy.

5. Slide the Ask To Buy slider to the right so it's green.

6. Now when that child tries to purchase something, he is told he must ask to purchase it. This is true even for free purchases, shared media, and updates to existing apps.

7. You and any ot her approved parent or guardian will then get a notification asking to purchase the app. Tap on the approve button to approve the purchase or Decline to deny it.

If you approve the purchase, it will begin downloading on the child's device. They can use the app when it's done. That app (or song, video, tv show, or book) will then show up in their purchased section of the iTunes store.

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