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CityBot Is An Intelligent Travel Guide in Your Pocket

AUSTIN ( — Sometimes it's hard to know what to do when you're in a new city. Greg Solovyev, founder and CEO of CityBot, found himself in Central Park on a sunny afternoon a few years ago and had no idea how to spend the rest of the day. He and his friend sat down with Yelp, a Lonely Planet guide and TripAdvisor and tried to coordinate all of that information into a single itinerary. Needless to say, that process took nearly the rest of the day.

CityBot is a new kind of travel guide that doesn't just recommend nearby places of interest, but plans an entire custom itinerary based on each user's individual tastes, time constraints and mode of transportation. Solovyev showed off CityBot at this year's SXSW Conference, creating an itinerary for a day out in San Francisco.

He selected the date, tomorrow, then the start and end time, location and mode of transportation. He next selected categories of interest, such as landmarks and attractions, coffee and tea, dinner and nightlife. In about five seconds, we had a custom itinerary, which started at a local coffee shop for an early caffeine boost, and included a full day of great activities.

 Clicking on a restaurant gave us Yelp reviews and Instagram photos, which provided an authentic look at the destination. We could swipe through a variety of options of each place that didn't match our needs. There were both free activities as well as paid destinations. Whereever supported, we could purchase tickets directly through the app, making our day seamless and easy.

CityBot is currently available in three cities: San Francisco, San Diego and Austin, Texas, with more cities planned along the way. The app is completely free and each city is available individually in the iOS App Store and Google Play.