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Intel 10th Gen H-series CPU benchmarks leak: Is 11% upgrade enough to top AMD?

(Image credit: Raisaliya/Shutterstock)

Intel's 10th Gen mobile H-series processors aren't expected to arrive for several weeks, but leaked benchmarks show us what to expect out of these flagship CPUs. 

The entry-level Core i5-10300H, a Comet Lake chip with four cores and eight threads, will provide an 11% boost in performance over its predecessors, according to a LaptopMedia report. In the Cinebench R20 benchmark test, the Core i5-10300H scored a 1,924 while the current-gen chip, Intel's Core i5-9300H, landed at 1,730.  

That's a solid, if unremarkable generation-over-generation improvement, although we weren't expecting anything groundbreaking. After all, if the leak is accurate, then the 10th Gen Core i5-10300H has the same makeup as its 9th Gen equivalent (4-core, 16-thread). 

Furthermore, it uses the same 14-nanometer node and not the 10nm used on Ice Lake chips. This means the 45-watt 10th Gen H-series processors won't receive much of a performance upgrade beyond a small improvement in frequency. 

Intel will need to squeeze all the performance out of the 14nm node if these flagship H-series CPUs are going to compete against AMD's 4000-series chips. Based on its Zen 2 architecture, AMD's upcoming 7nm processors promise "desktop-caliber performance."

Intel hasn't officially released specs or performance benchmarks for its 45 W chips but the processors were teased at CES 2020 with a bold claim that Core i7 and Core i9 chips would hit 5.0 GHz

We already know the Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel and Ezel Pro laptops, as well as Lenovo's Y740S, will pack the new chips. We'll be sure to put Intel's H-series processors up against AMD's 4000-series chips once we get our hands on both.