MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Just Got an SSD Price Drop

If you want a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a ton of storage, the cost of upgrading your Mac's capacity just got a tad less exorbitant.

On both the entry-level 128GB Air, and the 256GB Air, upgrading to the 1.5TB SSD now costs $100 less. That works out to the storage upgrade option for the 128GB Air costing $1,100 extra (down from $1,200), and the upgrade on the 256GB Air running you $900 (down from $1,000).

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Apple is also discounting multi-TB upgrades on the MacBook Pro, where the 2TB SSD options now cost $200 less. That means the base model 13-inch Pro's 2TB SSD upgrade is now $1,200 (vs the previous $1,400) and the high-end 13-inch MacBook Pro's jump to 2TB SSD costs $1,000. (Previously, it was $1,200.)

The entry-level 15-inch MacBook Pro also gets this deal where its 2TB SSD upgrade runs $1,200 (as opposed to the previous $1,400). Need all of the local storage possible? The 15-inch Pro's 4TB SSD upgrade is now $400 cheaper, marked down to a whopping $3,000, from the previous $3,400.

Note that all these prices above just cover cost of upgrading your hard drive and would be tacked onto the price of whatever Mac model you're buying.

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