$1,399 Sony VAIO F Offers Great Performance, Slight Sticker Shock

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The $1,399 Sony VAIO F is ready for its close-up. The latest notebook from the VAIO line offers a Core i7 processor, Nvidia graphics, and a full 1080p display, which will make it a big hit with the multimedia set. The 16.4-inch entertainment machine earned 3.5 stars in our review, but does it have what it takes to get a return performance?

The VAIO F takes a low-key approach to design, going with a simple black matte plastic chassis with a large chrome VAIO logo on the lid. The show starts when you lift the lid and hit the power button. The VAIO F blazed through our testing, scoring high marks on overall performance and graphical muscle. The notebook's vibrant 1080p display and crisp clear audio make watching movies and playing games a worthwhile endeavor. Sony also made sure to add a robust suite of multimedia creation software for people who create content rather than consume it.

While the VAIO F has a lot going for it, there were a few things that kept it from achieving a higher score including a stiff mouse button, undersized keys on an otherwise massive keyboard, and a chunky 6.6-pound frame. At $1,399, the notebook isn't the cheapest notebook on the block. Overall the Sony VAIO F is a good choice for people who like to watch or make movies, but the $1,399 price tag might be a turn-off.

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