Best Chromebooks 2015

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Toshiba Chromebook 2 (13-inch)

Editor's Choice

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 is an upgrade from the original in every way, making it a lovely, powerful device running Google's Chrome OS. For $329, you get a slimmer, sleeker design, a gorgeous 1080p, IPS screen and surprisingly powerful speakers tuned by Skullcandy. Weighing just 2.95 pounds and lasting nearly 8 hours on a single charge, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is easily one of the best and most beautiful Chromebooks you can buy. Starting in October, Toshiba will offer refreshed versions of the Chromebook 2 geatruing a new LED backlit keyboard, 1080p display and the choice between an Intel Celeron CPU for $330 or an Intel Core i3 CPU for $430.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 (13-inch) Review

  • Best Touch Chromebook

    Asus Chromebook Flip

    If you love touch screens and love Chrome OS, look no further than the Asus Chromebook Flip. This $249 hybrid bends to be a notebook and a tablet, and at less than 2 pounds, it's an incredibly portable device. It delivers more than 9 hours of battery life, so you can leave the charger at home. Sporting the newest version of Chrome OS, the Flip lets you use voice controls for quick, hands-free search, and you can use your Android phone to unlock the display for easy access. Some Android apps are now available for Chrome OS as well, meaning the Flip could be your next laptop and tablet all in one.

  • Best Chromebook for Business

    Dell Chromebook 11 (2015)

    The Dell Chromebook 11 was already one of our favorite Chromebooks, but now Dell offers more speed with a Core i3-powered version. We had no problem working with more than 15 open tabs at once. This machine also offers serious staying power, lasting more than 10 hours 0n the Laptop Mag Battery Test. Although it's not cheap, those looking for a fast and portable Chromebook will really like this option.

    Dell Chromebook 11 (2015) Review

  • Best 14-Inch Chromebook

    HP Chromebook 14

    Delivering a relatively large 14-inch screen for a small $299 price, the HP Chromebook 14 is one laptop that's made for the masses. Take your pick from three attractive color options and enjoy up to 200MB of free 4G service per month. We also like the comfy keyboard and nearly 8 hours of battery life.

    HP Chromebook 14 Review

  • Best 15-Inch Chromebook

    Acer Chromebook 15

    The 15-inch display is still the most popular screen size for any laptop, and Chromebook shoppers will soon have an option that's sized just right. The $249 Acer Chromebook 15 sports an Intel Celeron CPU under the hood and will come with either 2 or 4GB of RAM and a 16GB or 32GB SSD. That should offer plenty of processing power, now with the real estate people want. It even looks great, with your choice of a white or black fabric-like finish.