6 Free Apps for a (H)Appy Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, but procrastinators have little to worry about. Just like with everything else, apps can save you on V-Day. With just your tablet or smartphone, you can set you up for a grand romantic gesture, an intimate night alone, or even a first date.

Groupon (Multiple Platforms)

Valentine's Day for couples is about grand gestures. You want to take your special someone out to dinner, a nice show, or another activity to let them know you care. More often than not, this can put a strain on the buyer's wallet; this is where Groupon comes into play.

The budget app allows users to make a discounted purchase ahead of time. What makes things even easier is that the app has a specialized Valentine's Day tab for users to slim down your options.

Don't think of this as being cheap. When you save money on dinner you have more money to spend on gifts and fun activities.

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OkCupid (Multiple Platforms)

There's no point in celebrating Valentine's Day without a date. It may be last minute, but if you fill out your profile, answer a ton of questions and get some messages out there, you can meet a match by Friday. The thing that separates OkCupid from other dating apps is that it's both free and reliable. 

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Skype (Multiple Platforms)

Not every couple will be able to get together on Valentine's Day this year. Long-distance relationships can be a stressful thing come Feb. 14, but video calls can help relieve some of the tension.

We recently reported that “96 percent of respondents in long-distance relationships say Microsoft's video-chatting program makes for a closer connection with their faraway partners. Nearly 30 percent of respondents also admitted having engaged in 'naughty' calls over Skype."

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1-800-Flowers (Multiple Platforms)

Flowers on Valentine's Day will never go out of style. 1-800-Flowers sings like one of those primitive phone numbers people used to call back in the 1900s, but the company has modernized well with its app. This can require a bit of planning, but even if you really get yourself in a bind, you can send arrangements to arrive on the day of the order. Definitely a V-Day must for the procrastinators of the tech world.

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Tinder (Multiple Platforms)

 This dating app takes a different approach, one that resembles running into someone while you're out on the town. After signing in through Facebook – don't worry, it won't post to your timeline – Tinder takes your name and age, and lets you select pictures from your profile to build your account.

Using your phone's GPS, Tinder searches for people near your current location. When a potential match is found, his or her picture will come up and you can either swipe them to the right if you're interested or to the left if you're not. Even cooler is that if you have mutual friends or likes on Facebook, Tinder will let you know.

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Allrecipes (Multiple Platforms)

Not everyone can afford a grand gesture, and some people don't want the hassle. Either way, a delicious home-cooked meal can be as romantic as a night on the town. Allrecipes is a great app for everyone from new cooks to master chefs.

Users can search for specific dishes while using filters to keep things low-fat or gluten- free. There is even a dinner spinner feature that lets you choose a dish at random, or that lets you make the dish more specific by selecting a meal, ingredients or cook time.

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