Touch-Friendly Ubuntu Comes to Smartphones

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Good news Linux lovers! Canonical has announced that the Ubuntu, the open source OS, has made the leap to smartphones. According to the press release, the mobile iteration of the OS has undergone a few tweaks such as creating a new UI optimized for smaller displays.  Canonical plans to target the enterprise market, installing the mobile OS on both entry-level and high-end devices.

Unlike current smartphones, users will rely on thumb gestures utilizing the four corners of the device to navigate between apps and find content.  Ubuntu users can also expect to use voice and text commands in any application. When docked, the device will offer full PC capability. In terms of storage, there's Ubuntu One, Canonical's cloud service. Android users can get in on the action via Ubuntu for Android. Canonical sees Android and any open source OS as its direct competition. The company promises a more open experience than Android, as well as a faster, sharper user experience.

Canonical reps have yet to provide an exact date for the first Ubuntu smartphones, or which carriers will opt to carry the new devices. However with such a late entry into the mobile arena, the new device doesn't stand a chance of toppling Apple or Android. If it can win over Windows or BlackBerry fans, it might have a decent chance of snagging the number three spot in the smartphone wars.

The company claims the Ubuntu OS will be ready by the fourth quarter of this year. 

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  • Nazir Says:

    Maybe in 10 years it will be Ubuntu OS smartphone mobile in trade, but now it's just fiction and dreams

    Who is the manufacturer? not with anyone of any contract and Canonical business plans or how much to trade and when it will be?

    Showcase for Google Nexus proves nothing, it's just fun as the other shows that it is possible to install Ubuntu on the tablet Nexus7.
    It's just that Asus does not want to sell quickly smartphone / tablet / padfone with Ubuntu.

    In a word, the project vision and fiction as the other and still lime and no real specifics.

    Video and photos can be ordered in the editorial and advertising will pretend to be something linux fanboys and excitement, as always, MS caravan goes on and the equipment is to buy and operate.

    Ubuntu on the notebook did not see the turn and failure were to be cheap notebooks, shopping zone was to be modeled on Ubuntu Apple and lime because it promises nothing and now smartphone that nobody will be produced and sold.

    We all prefer to buy anything from MS Windows 7/8 than with Linux Ubuntu because at least Windows'8 and WP8 ecosystem works and is real and not a dream and fiction.
    Same with Apple's operating range and you can buy and not to show images as Ubuntu and it does nothing.

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