8 Best New Features of the LG G2 Smartphone

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It wasn’t too long ago that LG’s phablet sized Optimus G Pro hit the US smartphone market, and now the Korean manufacturer has launched its true flagship for 2013. Dropping the Optimus moniker, the LG G2 comes with Qualcomm’s newest processor in the Snapdragon line, the Snapdragon 800, which boasts high quality graphics and industry-leading performance. The G2 also comes with a 5.2-inch 1080p display boasting 423 ppi and a 13-megapixel camera as well, putting it directly in competition with today’s high-end smartphones from Samsung and HTC.

In order to improve grippability, the Optimus G2 is the first phone to put all of its buttons on the back, right below the camera. controls. With its new design, powerful CPU and custom software, LG's latest handset is poised to give Apple, Samsung and HTC some competition. Here’s our roundup of features to look forward to from the LG G2.

Rear Key

LG has placed buttons on the G2’s backside in an effort to create a more natural user experience than typical side-button designs. With this "Rear Key" feature, you can control the volume, snap photos, and power the device on or off with your index finger right below the camera lens.

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Knock On

For those who don’t have the patience to hold down the power button, simply knocking on the LG G2’s display will activate the device. Tapping the screen twice lets the phone know that you would like it to turn on. 

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Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

The LG G2 isn’t the first smartphone with a 13-megapixel camera, but it is the first to pair a sensor of that quality with optical image stabilization. This means that the G2 comes with a camera lens that essentially floats inside the device to keep up with your hand as it moves. According to LG, this results in sharper images with little to no blur.

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Text Link

Ever receive the address to a party in a text message then have to go launch Google Maps to find directions? Text Link makes it easier to utilize information from within an SMS message. By tapping the address or text, you’ll be able to save it as a memo, add it to your calendar, or open up a location on a map. 

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Answer Me

The Answer Me feature automatically answers phone calls when the device is raised to your ear, similar to the gesture-based technology in Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Still, given the G2’s largely buttonless design, a feature like that can come in handy.

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Quick Remote

Like the Optimus G Pro, the G2 can be used to control home entertainment devices. This feature, however, differs in that the G2 can actually learn from the other remote controls in your home. This means the G2 can pick up on your preferred TV or stereo settings without having to program it.

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Guest Mode

If you’re the type of user that shares your smartphone with your family, friend or significant other here and there, the G2’s Guest Mode could be crucial. This feature protects the owner’s privacy by only displaying certain pre-selected apps when guests are using the phone. This means additional users would have their own unlock patterns to access the device. 

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Slide Aside

Rather than having to navigate back to your home screen from within app, LG’s Slide Aside feature lets you simply swipe apps to the side. By sliding the currently open app with a three-finger gesture, you can dismiss a particular app for easier multitasking. 

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