Top Kid-Friendly iPhone 5 Cases

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After much hype, press coverage and anticipation from fans, Apple released the iPhone 5s. If you happen to be a lucky parent who got their hands on one, don’t put your iPhone 5 up on eBay just yet. App developers have recognized that smartphones can be used as an excellent educational tool. Entering “toddler apps” or “kids educational games” into the search bar of Apple’s App Store yields thousands of results. Of course, the biggest problem with giving a small, expensive, somewhat fragile device to a child is protecting it. That's why we picked out these 10 tough, innovative and well-designed iPhone 5 cases that should handle anything thing your child throws at it (or throws it at).

Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batwing iPhone Case

If you’re the parent of a little Batman fan, this $19.99 Batwing case from Fisher-Price is definitely worth a look. It encases the entire phone for optimal protection and it is perfect for both playtime and learning. While it works great with the Imaginext Batcave app (free through the App Store), it also works with any app.

Ages 2+

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Mickey and Minnie Cases from Disney

Always a classic with kids, these Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cases ($34.95) are hard clip on cases that come with a screen protector. The ears that stick out over the phone should provide a little extra protection, but this case would be best for ages 3 and up as it doesn’t encompass the entire phone.

Ages 3+

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Belkin Lego Builder Case

Lego fans will love this $27.99 case from Belkin. Plus, it should do a nice job protecting your old iPhone 5. Made of polycarbonate plastic, it pulls double duty by guarding against drops and dings while serving as a functional base for your child’s Lego towers.

Ages 3+

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Griffin KaZoo

If your child is an animal lover, these KaZoo cases from Griffin are a great choice. Available as an elephant or a monkey for $24.99, they are stylish, durable and easy for little hands to grip because of their soft silicone material. Since the animal’s body extends past the body of the phone, it will protect against some light drops too.

Ages 2+

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case

The $14.99 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is one of the toughest on our list, and its design makes it great for toddlers. The ring around the outside of the case offers excellent protection against drops (or throws across the room) and helps little hands hold on to your old iPhone.

Ages 6 months +

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Case-Mate Creates Series

If your kid isn't into elephants or monkey's, Case-Mate’s also offers a variety of durable silicone animal designs such as a panda, a tiger, a peacock or a penguin These $15 raised design makes holding onto the phone easy, but their lay-flat back allows for it to easily lie on a table.

Ages 2+

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Otterbox Commuter Series in Teal Blue or Pink

When you think or an Otterbox, it’s easy to think of their basic, solid color designs. However, the $49.99 Commuter Series offers design that are great for younger girls. These pink or teal flower designers are elegant and eye catching while offering protection that has become synonymous with the Otterbox name. Plus the tactile feedback makes them easy to hold.

Ages 3+ 

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Findables Snap Case

If drops have become less frequent and losing the phone becomes more of an issue, this snap-on case from Findables ($29.99) will help identify your phone should it become separated from your budding pre-teen. The scanable QR code on the back can be programed to display up to three names. So if your phone is found by a stranger, they know who to call.

Ages 7+

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Iron Man Mark VII Case with Light Up Arc Reactor

Avengers fans, take note. Your mini-Iron Man (or Iron Woman) will love this $8 Iron Man Mark VII case. Its hard plastic shell provides excellent protection and is molded to look just like an Iron Man suit, making it stylish too. It even has a light up Arc reactor, which is sure to turn heads on the playground.

Ages 4+

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Otterbox Defender Series: Waves

If the young lady in your house prefers the sea to land, the Waves case in the $46.98 Otterbox Defender series offers a beautiful swirly design featuring a large white seahorse on the back. As with the Commuter Series, it will protect the body and screen of your old iPhone against drops like we all know an Otterbox can.

Ages 3+

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