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Nabbing second place last year with an 91.25 score, HP showed that it knew how to treat customers right. But this year our experience wasn’t quite as good. We received two incorrect answers, one via chat and one via phone, and we also got pitched an extended warranty on 2 out of 3 calls. However, HP’s support via social networks was fairly snappy, and I was able to find answers to most of my questions on HP’s site.

This year, armed with an HP Pavilion 13 x360 laptop, I asked how to get HP CoolSense back after upgrading to Windows 10. I also asked the questions about reverse scrolling on a touchpad and activating Hey Cortana.

Web and Social Support

HP's support website remains well organized, with a helpful search bar sitting front and center on the main site, and tabs for Products, Software and Drivers, Forums and Contact Support at the top.

support main page search baThe site also has a nifty tool that detects your device, so you don't have to go hunting for its name and make. It takes you to a page with solutions and downloads for recent and common problems, as well as alerts for important updates for your system.

reverse scrolling answerI found the answers to queries about reverse scrolling and enabling Hey Cortana on HP's website, but the information was buried deep. Simply typing my question into the search bar did not give me a direct answer, but I found the steps within the fourth step of the second section of the fifth part of an 11-part page devoted to using the touchpad.

search no answerI couldn't find a page about using HP CoolSense on my Windows 10 notebook, but the steps HP provided for using it on Windows 8 worked.

HP's support forums are full of solved problems, and a group of staff and volunteers answer questions in the community, often within a few days. However, I still did not find an answer that specifically addressed how to turn on CoolSense.

HP also offers a service called SmartFriend starting at $10 a month that provides 24/7 help on any tech problem from any brand. So if you want to print from your Samsung phone or your laptop gets a virus, SmartFriend can help solve your problem.

After filling out a contact form to access the chat support tool, I connected with Mohammad Shoaib Alam at 12:55 p.m. ET on a Wednesday to ask how to reverse scrolling on a touchpad. After going into the Mouse Pointer Options section of Themes, Shoaib told me that my "Windows Operating System is corrupt and the OS is not activated." He explained that that was why we couldn't change any settings. This was not true, since I had just changed the direction of scrolling a minute before and after the chat session.

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When I asked him again, before ending the session, if he was sure there was no other way to fix the problem, Shoaib said, "It will only resolve by doing the [system] Recovery." He also said he could forward my case and concerns to HP's case managers.

hp tech support facebookWhen I posted my questions on Facebook and Twitter, HP's social team was efficient and effective, responding in just 2 to 3 hours. On Facebook, the company's agents responded within 3 hours and gave me effective step-by-step instructions on how to reverse scrolling on my touchpad.

hp tech support screen twitOn Twitter, @HPSupport replied in 2 hours, giving me a helpful link to an article on how to turn on Hey Cortana.

Phone Support

Like anyone playing hard to get, HP Support makes you jump through hoops to get its phone number. You'll have to click Contact Support, select Support Options and fill out a contact form before the website will reveal a number you can call. To be fair, this ensures that every caller has a case number generated by the website, which should cut down on call times; such pertinent information as product serial numbers and device model are already transmitted.

hp-tss15_pq_chirag_askedMy first call to HP, on a Thursday at 4:33 p.m. ET, was answered quickly by Chirag in India. After confirming my name and getting my case number, he clarified my issue on how to reverse scrolling on my touchpad before asking me to let him remotely access my computer. I downloaded and installed the remote control program from the conveniently addressed site "www.hp.com/123" and watched as Chirag expertly navigated the system.

Within 10 minutes of starting the call, my problem was resolved. Unfortunately, the call ended up taking 14 minutes, as Chirag asked if I wanted to buy antivirus software and accidental damage protection. However, he was not pushy about it, and was friendly and engaging overall, making the experience almost enjoyable.

On my second call, I was connected to Michelle in the Philippines within a minute of calling, on Thursday at 9:09 p.m. ET. I asked the friendly and charming rep how to enable Hey Cortana on my computer, after providing my case number and name. Since I used the moniker Alice Manilow in this call, I shouldn't have been surprised when Michelle told me my last name reminded her of singer Barry Manilow. Unfortunately, despite our bonding over music and movies, Michelle was nowhere near as knowledgeable as Chirag.

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She told me that there was only one way to talk to Cortana — by clicking the microphone symbol at the end of the Ask Me Anything bar at the bottom of the window. This was despite the fact that, while she was remotely controlling my computer, I said to Cortana, "Hey Cortana," which pulled up a Web search showing multiple articles on how to activate the always-on feature.

After 20 minutes, we "resolved" my issue, but the call lasted 29 minutes because Michelle delivered a long spiel on how my warranty was limited and that if I dropped my laptop and cracked the screen, I would need to pay to get it fixed since I didn't have accidental damage protection.

I initiated my third call at 11:25 am ET on a Wednesday, and was connected to Vivian in India within a minute. After I gave him my case number and explained that I wanted to get HP CoolSense back after upgrading to Windows 10, Vivian transferred me to cheery Kathleen (or Kate) in the Philippines. Kate remotely took over my computer to investigate my issue. To my amusement, she went into the computer's Program folder just to open Internet Explorer to download software. During our 57-minute-long call, Internet Explorer crashed on her, refusing to close.

During the entire call we got disconnected twice, for reasons unknown, but Kate always called back within a minute or two. Eventually, blaming a Windows 10 glitch and problematic drivers, Kate advised me to roll back to Windows 8.1 and directed me to the website to order a $40 USB recovery key. Although the call was long and boring (for me), Kate's polite and earnest manner made the situation easier, and my problem was resolved.

Maybe because the call had already taken such a long time, Kate was the only one of the three agents I spoke to who didn't try to sell me an extended warranty.

Bottom Line

Overall, the biggest issues with HP stemmed from the fact that its phone and chat support agents didn't seem very familiar with Windows 10 and its features, giving me inaccurate answers on new features such as Cortana. However, the company's speedy and smart social media team and well-designed website made it easy to find answers on the Web. Despite their inaccuracy, support agents were always friendly, and even when they were selling extended warranties, were not too pushy.

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  • pradip s patil Says:

    The service provided by hp service center baroda is good and very fast...

  • Bella Edwards Says:

    Hi, having problems with my laptop can't get access all that's coming up on the screen is shutting down its been like that for 2 days can u help.

  • Donna Kohlhausen Says:

    I purchased the in home repair and they will not honor it. I have unfixed I have not had my computer for over 3 weeks, except one day that they returned it and I had to ship it back..
    So much for in home repair.

  • Vincent Says:

    What company sell a printer and doesn't have the cord that goes to the computer. The printer is worthless without that cord and it doesn't even tell the customer that it not included. What a stupid idea. To sell a worthless printer that you can't use. I was a fool buying it, but I will not make that mistake again. I will also pass it on to my friends, family and Facebook how HP printers are sold, with the bait and technique.

  • Jeannie Says:

    I have had nothing but problems with new HP computer. It won't accept my HP printer which is wireless and less than 18 months old. Tech is a joke, they scared me, I'm not even sure it was authentic site. I used the 888-319-9931 They wanted to offer me 2 options pay or pay more! I backed out of site.

  • Suresh Says:

    I am using hp pavilion dv4-1106ee laptop,windows vista.up log in page opening.once entered my password,desktop page not visible.it is showing full black.only cursor is moving.please help to solve this issue.

  • Scongewheel Says:

    I have a computer that no one from HP has been able to successfully trouble shoot. I have spent at least 15-20 hrs on line with techies, many hours on my own trying to troubleshoot, sent the computer in once, with no resolution. Now sending in a 2nd time. In the meantime I bought another computer as I needed a reliable computer. HP reps say my warantee is only a repair warantee and that they won't give me a refund. They apparently would rather drag their customer through endless hours of inconvenience to fix their product than just refund or replace. This is my first HP and after all I have been through, it will be my last.

  • Kristin Says:

    I needed tech support for my computer due to a black screen. The technician, Hozefa, I found to be very helpful and informative. I am very happy with my experience with this technician.

  • hpsupportreviewer Says:

    I totally agree with surendra1234. The only person who can say positive things about HP customer support is the HP customer support itself. Very strange review, almost seems as if this site was bought by HP... I've experienced very bad (approaching None) support by HP several times. Never buy HP!

  • surendra1234 Says:

    Hi I have faced very bad experience of HP Service Centre as they have format my system where the problem in keyboard( Hardware) I have visited 5 times their service centre to sorted out issue.

    Also there was origional Windows 8 in my system earlier what comes with My hp Laptop but they installed Pirated windows 7.

    I am fed up with their replies.there is no authenticity in HP Service Centre.

    Also charges is much higher for any repair work.

    My advice no to buy HP Products as the after sale service is very poor.

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