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Xbox Series X controller has a super useful hidden trick — take that, PS5 DualSense!

Xbox Series X Controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X|S controller still has a few tricks up its sleeve it seems. A previously underappreciated feature has been brought under the spotlight by a Microsoft employee, and it could make the Xbox Series X controller the best pick for gamers who play on multiple devices.

As shown by Timo Wolf via Twitter, Xbox Series X|S controllers can actually memorize the last device they synced to, including Android smartphones and PC, meaning users can switch between devices on the fly without having to manually sync each time. That makes the controllers a very useful multi-platform device. 

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As seen by Wolf's demonstration, the (now not-so-hidden) trick works quickly. All users have to do to use the controller with the last synced android device or PC is hold down the sync button until the Xbox Guide button flashes. And, to switch back to your Xbox Series X or Series S console, just double-tap the sync button and the controller will jump back.

That means gamers can play an Xbox Series X game and immediately switch to play some Xbox Game Pass games on their PC or Android smartphone with Microsoft's xCloud.

The feature was first seen on Reddit a few months ago, although Wolf recently brought attention to the feature as he couldn't find any official guide on switching the controllers from one platform to another. Well, now you know, and that means there's no need to get any extra controllers.

This gives the Xbox Series X|S controllers a significant perk compared to the PS5 DualSense, although further updates to iOS devices and to the Nvidia Shield TV show that both controllers are slowly being integrated to be used on multiple devices. So it may be worth investing in one of them anyway if you still can't get your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.