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Xbox Series X ad by Taika Waititi reveals Meowster Chief

Xbox Series X ad by Taika Waititi reveals Meowster Chief
Master Chief but a cat -- Meowster Chief (Image credit: Xbox)

Recently, Microsoft released a super wholesome ad with a bunch of dogs, some of which accidentally betrayed Halo Infinite's Master Chief, but now he's back with a vengeance, returning as a cat in a new ad directed by Taika Waititi.

Waititi used YouTube creator MoonLiteWolf’s real dreams after playing Xbox Series X in order to put the commercial together. The end of the ad explains that the project was done using the Targeted Dream Incubation technique. She not only dreamed about Meowster Chief but also watched him DJ in space.

Lucid Odyssey by Taika Waititi

The end of the trailer explains that the Targeted Dream Incubation technique is based on research described in the special issue on Dream Engineering, published in the journal, Consciousness and Cognition.

Apparently, Microsoft intends on releasing more “dream-inspired” ads that'll feature people like NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., artist Quentin Deronzier, and creators Stallion83, Johanna Jsokowska, Emericagirl24, and BlindGamerSteve.

If you missed the first ad featuring a bunch of dogs, you can watch it here:

While Master Chief has been at the center of most of the recent marketing, we still haven't heard much about the release date for Halo Infinite, and it's likely we won't get an update until 2021, which is when its intended to release.

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