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iPad Pro 2021 could be delayed — Apple takes big hit from global chip shortage

Apple iPad Pro
(Image credit: Future)

Apple is reportedly facing a global component shortage, which is impacting the production of MacBook and iPad models. This doesn't look good for the rumoured launch of the iPad Pro 2021 and 16-inch MacBook Pro this April.

MacBook production has been delayed due to the ongoing global chip shortage, while certain iPad models are seeing a shortage of display components, according to insider sources speaking to Nikkei Asia

The reported shortage of chips means MacBook laptops can't mount components on printed circuit boards before final assembly. As for the iPad, the display shortages could be referring to the upcoming iPad Pro's new mini LED display panel.

While the report doesn't specifically state which MacBook and iPad models the component shortages could impact, there's reason to believe the tech giant's new products could launch in limited supply — something many PS5 and Xbox Series X non-owners are very familiar with.

Sources claim that Apple has already pushed back component orders for the two devices from the first half of 2021 to the second half. That said, Nikkei Asia states that this is only a supply chain issue, which hasn't affected product availability for consumers...yet. How ominous.

The report also mentions Apple's iPhone production has yet to be affected, although sources say certain components for the tech giant's flagship device are apparently "quite tight." If these sources are to be believed, it means we can still expect a steady supply of iPhone 12 models to be in store, along with the rumoured iPhone 13 launch later this year.

Hopefully, the global chip shortage won't affect what we might see at the next Apple event happening this month (fingers crossed).