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Xbox Series X will cost $499, launch on November 10

Xbox Series X will cost $499, launch on November 10
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft confirmed today that the Xbox Series X will cost $499 when it launches on November 10.

The company tweeted the price and release date for the Xbox Series X a day after unveiling the cheaper Xbox Series S. Pre-orders for the two consoles will begin on September 22.

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We expected the Series X to cost somewhere between $400 and $600, so the $499 price isn't a surprise. Xbox confirmed yesterday that the Xbox Series S would cost $399, so we now know the Xbox Series X is $200 more expensive. 

Sony has yet to announce the release date and price of the PS5, although rumors suggest we could get answers later this week.

Xbox Series X payment plan

Microsoft established a payment plan for people who can't just throw down $499 at the sight of a new console. The plan offers you to pay $34.99 over the course of 24 months, which is way more than $499. 

It'll come to $840 to be specific, but it comes with Xbox All Access. If you're calculating how much Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs over the course of 24 months, it's $360, which adds up to a total of $860, so technically, the payment plan is a cheaper alternative.

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