Xbox Series X restock problems won't ease until June — but there's still hope

Xbox Series X
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Despite Microsoft making great strides in its popular Xbox Series X, from getting an AMD graphics boost to adding 120 FPS support, there are still many gamers that can't experience any of it. Why? Because the next-gen restock scramble is still a big issue.

During the company's recent Q3 earnings call, CFO Amy Hood admitted that high demand for the Xbox Series X and Series S will "continue to be constrained by supply" for the fourth quarter of the financial year. This means restock issues won't ease until at least the end of June. 

Originally, Microsoft claimed these constant restocks were expected to continue until April 2021. Well, supply constraints haven't eased, and the hunt for an Xbox Series X is expected to continue until at least the end of June.

Hood also stated the PC market stayed strong despite ongoing global chip shortages, while Xbox Series X consoles were more affected by this compared to PCs.

While the shortage of Microsoft's consoles has been an ongoing issue since their launch, sales have still been strong. The earnings report showed Xbox hardware revenue was up 232%, while Xbox content and services revenue increased by 34%. Xbox Game Pass played a big hand in that.

Sony also saw impressive sales in its latest earnings report, breaking previous sales records with 7.8 million PS5 consoles sold. However, PS5 stock isn't easy to come by, either. 

Where to buy Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft may claim gamers will continue to have a hard time getting their hands on an Xbox Series X or Series X, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to get one — restocks are still happening.

Check out the best places to buy an Xbox Series X, with Walmart and Best Buy being the usual contenders when it comes to regular restocks.

You'll also want to follow a Twitter account that specializes in gaming restock and deal notifications. One of the best is @Wario64; they stick to US deals which help reduce the volume a bit compared to other reliable accounts like @GYXDeals

If you're in the market for a PS5, check out our PS5 UK stock watch and our PS5 US stock watch for a better chance to finally nab a next-gen console.


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