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Xbox Series X game reveals coming soon, Phil Spencer teases

Xbox Series X head Phil Spencer teases game reveals coming soon
(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox Series X is rearing its chonky head around the corner, but we still haven't seen everything we wanted, namely, the games. However, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, took to Twitter to say that the next step for Xbox Series X reveals is "not too much of a wait," and it's going to be all about the games.

Spencer took to Twitter, writing "Reviewed plans yesterday for continued sharing through launch. Team is doing great work and adapting. I've never been more excited about Xbox plans. We've heard you, you want transparency/authenticity. We plan to keep showing that way, next step is not too much of a wait (games)."

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This gives credence to the rumors that Xbox would be holding an event in May to deliver new announcements. However, the rumors suggested that the announcements would involve the Xbox Series S and a new Xbox headset. That's still possible, but it seems like the focus is going to be around the games.

So, what games does Xbox have under its sleeve? Halo Infinite is all but confirmed to be there. We hope to see a Fable 4 reveal and maybe some Hellblade 2 gameplay. It would also be nice to get an update from Ninja Theory about Bleeding Edge, but that's a hopeful request given that the game just launched. 

Of course, we want to see what is going on with The Initiative, a new game development studio owned by Xbox and headed by Darrell Gallagher (previously Crystal Dynamics, Activision and Square Enix).