Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is $30 off in this early Black Friday deal

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
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Black Friday 2022 is on the horizon, with deals coming left, right and center to save us some money. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is one of the greatest gamepads out there, and if you need one of the best Xbox Series X|S accessories, this is one worth looking at.

Currently, Newegg offers the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller for $150. While the deal isn't activated immediately, you can use the promo code 7BFBYA23 to get $30 off of the controller, bringing it down from its normal price of $180.

Xbox Elite Series 2: was $180 now $150 @ Newegg
You can save $30 by using promo code 7BFBYA23

Xbox Elite Series 2: was $180 now $150 @ Newegg
You can save $30 by using promo code 7BFBYA23 on one of the best premium gamepads out there. It features interchangeable thumb-sticks, paddles and D-pads, adjustable tension thumb-sticks, rubberized palm grips, the ability to save up to three custom profiles, and a rechargeable battery and charging dock.

If you've never used a controller of this caliber, get prepared to have your socks blown off. Beyond it feeling great ergonomically, it boasts plenty of vital features that will make your gaming experience far more enjoyable.

If you're a hardcore gamer who needs four paddles and two switches on the back of their controller to greatly increase their efficiency while gaming, then this is something worth looking into. It's especially useful for FPS gamers who refuse to adjust to a mouse and keyboard, as the ability to quickly execute actions by using buttons at the back means less movement is required to press that button.

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery and Bluetooth for easy pairing to your gaming laptop, iPhone, or iPad for Apple Arcade games. And with the dedicated Xbox Accessories app, you can fully remap every button, adjust the sensitivity of the sticks or triggers, and so much more. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller works with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 machines. 

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