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Xbox-Bethesda livestream is today: How to watch

Xbox Bethesda
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft announced a livestream following the closing of the ZeniMax acquisition that would act as a "roundtable" event where Microsoft will share more details about the deal.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg stated: "Note, this is NOT FOCUSED ON NEWS/REVEALS, but a great chance to learn more about the teams & people at Bethesda." So don't expect any game announcements.

How to watch Xbox-Bethesda livestream

You'll be able to watch the event via the embeddedvideo above, which will begin streaming at 10am PT / 1pm ET today.

The event shouldn't be much of a surprise, as there was another "roundtable" event between the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, and key members of Bethesda, Pete Hines and Todd Howard, that happened after the deal was first announced back in 2020.

However, now that the deal is finalized, we imagine both parties are at liberty to talk about the deal and how the entities will now function with one another. We don't expect any wild announcements, but it's possible that we'll hear about what kind of exclusivity Xbox wants to take with Bethesda titles.

Stay tuned at 10AM PT / 1PM ET today to see what happens.