What is Mighty? The cloud-based web browser that costs $30 per month

Mighty Web Browser
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Tabs play an important role in any web browser, which is why Google continuously updates tab features on Chrome and why web browser Vivaldi has even come up with two-level tab stacking. Unfortunately, heavy use of tabs and web apps can significantly slow down your laptop and make its fan cause a racket.

Enter Mighty: a cloud-based Chromium web browser that streams a browser onto your screen from a powerful computer located elsewhere. Think of it like Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming service, except it's for browsers and costs a whopping $30 per month. 

What is Mighty?

As its website claims, Mighty is a new browser built for speed, and uses "10x less memory" than the most popular Chromium browser, Chrome. Users are able to load hundreds of apps without their laptop's RAM being hogged, fan speeds increasing, or battery life taking a hit — all thanks to a computer in the (metaphorical) clouds.

Mighty is no slouch. The service also claims to provide internet speeds of over 1Gbps, browsers with 16GB of dedicated memory, dual Intel Xeon processors running at up to 4.0 GHz, and runs Nvidia GPUs for those web apps that demand more graphics power. Essentially, don't expect your laptop to freeze, stall or slow down.

The cloud-based browser also comes with a few other perks, including cookie banner elimination, ad-free browsing, Zoom meeting notifications, data encryption, and two-factor authentication (coming soon). 

Mighty has made it clear that a user's data will never be sold (something Facebook is struggling with) and will have security audits. That's something the best VPN services get to give users some peace of mind about their data.

Right now, Mighty is targeting Apple's macOS, so the latest MacBook will be able to run a browser at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Those interested can request access to Mighty by filling out a form. However, it's $30 per month. It entirely depends on the device you have and how heavily you use a web browser, but you'll find the best laptops around can easily handle heavy loads, and then some. What's more, many of them are well under $1,000.

When it comes down to it, the question is: how many tabs do you really need? Well, if you're more of a tab closer than a tab hoarder, you'll be happy to know Google Chrome now has a new, simple way to reopen accidentally closed tabs.

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