This Anker Soundcore Life Q30 price drop is the best headphones deal in the UK right now

Soundcore Life q30
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The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 headphones are one of the most under-appreciated deals in the noise-cancelling cans market. They sport specs that match some of the best headphones out there, all at a shockingly low price.

Well, that price is now even lower. At Amazon UK, you can pick the headphones up for just under £60. If you’re reading this over in America, don’t worry. We found a deal for you, too! 

Anker Soundcore Life Q30 headphones deal

Soundcore Life Q30: was £79.99 now £59.99 @ Amazon UK

Soundcore Life Q30: was £79.99 now £59.99 @ Amazon UK
With a bold sound profile delivered through 40mm drivers, class-leading battery life, and impressive noise cancellation, the Q30s already give you insanely good value for money at the retail price. But that is made even better with this deep price cut. Just make sure you select the £20 voucher to claim it. 

Soundcore Life Q30: was $79.99 now $74.99 @ Amazon US

Soundcore Life Q30: was $79.99 now $74.99 @ Amazon US
For the US, the discount is slightly less but still really impressive. Apply the voucher for $5 off and enjoy these premium headphones at a price that is a whole lot less than “premium.” 

Take a look at our Anker Soundcore Life Q30 review and you will see why we recommend these so highly. The combination of custom-tuned sound, formidable noise cancellation, and super long 40+ hour battery life would be impressive for headphones double (maybe triple) this price point.

At such a low price, this makes for one of the best deals you can get today. And I know what others might be saying: “what about the Soundcore Life Q35s?” Yes, these are good, but trust us. Save yourself £60 in the UK and grab the Q30s, as the difference is minimal. 

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