Riders Republic is only $25 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in steep Black Friday deal

Riders Republic
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Riders Republic is Ubisoft's latest sports game involving mountain biking, sking, snowboarding and wingsuit flying. Only just launching last month, this game received praise for its arcadey approach to extreme sports that allows the player to tackle joyous activities with other players throughout its open world.

Right now, you can get Riders Republic for just $25 at Amazon. With a $35 discount, this is a great time to hop into its world. And since it hasn't even been out for a full month, getting the game at such a low price is a steal.

In terms of Black Friday PS5 deals, it's one of the best out there.

Riders Republic for PS5: was $60 now $25 @ Amazon

Riders Republic for PS5: was $60 now $25 @ Amazon
Riders Republic is currently $35 off in this incredible Black Friday deal. This is one of the best gaming deals we've seen, especially since the game just came out last month. Considering the arcadey nature of the game, it seems like the perfect thing to purchase on a sale this steep. Ubisoft is no stranger to discounting its games shortly after launch, but this is still a great buy.

Riders Republic launched on October 28 to mostly positive reviews on aggregate website Metacritic. At a 77/100, critics praised it for its tight controls and breathtaking visuals, but were mostly displeased with its checklist approach to open-world activities.

If you're like me and wanted to give Riders Republic a try but didn't want to jump in at full price, this is a great deal. Extreme sports mayhem seems like a perfect buy for only $25. I'm personally waiting for the PC version to hit a similarly low price, as it's the platform most of my friends play on. Currently, the Epic Games Store version of Riders Republic is $45.

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