Every new iPad and new iPhone to expect in 2023

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Apple has already been making the most of 2023, with a host of new devices and software having been announced throughout the year. Included among that list is the new 15-inch MacBook Air, an M2 Ultra-powered Mac Studio and Mac Pro, and not to mention Apple’s first venture into mixed reality with the Vision Pro headset.

However, 2023 isn’t over yet, and there’s still plenty left on the table when it comes to what to expect from Apple going forward. From Apple’s annual releases to everything we’ve gathered from information leaking out of Apple Park: here is every new iPad and new iPhone we expect to be announced or released in 2023.

iPhone 15 renders by Laptopmag.com

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New iPhones in 2023

No year for Apple is complete without revealing a new lineup of iPhones and 2023 is no exception. Apple’s September 2023 event is where we’re likely to see the official unveiling of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra.

Unlikely to make an appearance in 2023 is the iPhone SE 4. Apple’s biennial budget offering is expected to arrive in early 2024 — likely March if it follows the release pattern of the iPhone SE 3

iPhone 15, 15 Plus

Apple’s entry-level iPhone 15 releases will arrive this year featuring an A16 Bionic processor, an upgraded 48MP main camera, and an improved battery capacity — with the iPhone 15 getting a 15% boost in capacity to 3,877mAh, and the 15 Plus increasing by 12% to 4,912mAh.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will also adopt the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max’s dynamic island, waving Au Revoir to the notch of old. And, of course, both will also be among the first iPhones to adopt the standardized USB-C port, meaning that Apple’s infamous notch will have company on the cutting room floor by way of the Lightning connection.

iPhone 15, 15 Plus price: $799, $899
iPhone 15, 15 Plus release date: Friday, Sept. 15 (Pre-order), Friday, Sept. 22 (Release) 

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iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max

Apple’s top-tier iPhone 15 Pro devices are destined for some noticeable changes, one prominent adjustment being an all-new Action Button set to replace the Mute switch.

Originally, Apple intended to feature solid-state buttons with sensors and Taptic engines in place to simulate the sensation of a physical press. However, it seems that technical difficulties hampered the inclusion, and the Action Button has made the grade in its wake.

Other notable changes include a new titanium chassis, trimmer bezels, a USB-C port (rumored to support Thunderbolt 3 with speeds of up to 40Gbps), Apple’s 3nm A17 Pro Bionic chipset, and a true optical telephoto zoom by way of a tetraprism lens.

iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max price: $999, $1,199
iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max release date: Friday, Sept. 15 (Pre-order), Friday, Sept. 22 (Release) 

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iPad lineup

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New iPads in 2023

It’s been all quiet on the iPad front so far in 2023, and that’s somewhat to be expected. Especially so as last year saw the release of a 10th Gen iPad, 5th Gen iPad Air, and two M2-powered iPad Pros in 12.9-inch and 11-inch form factors.  

However, that didn’t stop word spreading of a huge 14-inch iPad Pro releasing at some point this year — rumors that were seemingly accurate until Apple decided to pull the plug on the idea altogether.

That being said, there's word of an iPad Air 6 releasing in 2023, and a prevailing rumor was pointing towards a surprise inclusion of an often-overlooked iPad at Apple’s upcoming September Event: the iPad Mini. Obviously, this didn't happen, but there's a chance October has some surprises in store yet. 

iPad Mini 7

The 7th Gen iPad Mini was rumored to appear at Apple's Wonderlust event, but with no mention of the iPad in any way, eyes turn toward the upcoming October event for more information. Apple’s revision of its tiny tablet could include the A16 processor set to feature in the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, and an improved screen to compensate for the iPad Mini 6’s “jelly scrolling” issues.

Beyond this, details are in short supply — though, a key change for many will no doubt be a rethinking of the Mini's puzzling pricing. With September’s event drawing closer by the day, we’re almost set to see whether the rumored iPad Mini refresh will manifest or put back on the shelf for an Apple event in the future.

iPad Mini 7 price (predicted): $499
iPad Mini 7 release date (predicted): Q1, 2024 

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iPad Air 6

While we may see other iPad's announced in 2023, it's looking increasingly likely that the iPad Air 6 will be the only one releasing this year. While it isn't expected to make an appearance at Apple's Wonderlust event in a few days time, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes we're likely to see Apple announce the 6th Gen iPad Air sometime in October.

What do we know about the iPad Air 6 so far? Not a lot. The last iPad Air released in March 2022, and featured an M1 chip, improved USB-C transfer speeds and 5G compatibility. If Apple are seeking to make the leap to the M3 chip soon, we could see the iPad Air adopt an M2 chip as to not dawdle behind in performance compared to other Apple Silicon devices.

There's also an outside chance that the USB-C connection could be further improved with Thunderbolt compatibility for faster transfers and charging, similar to what we expect with this years iPhone 15 Pro models.

iPad Air 6 price (predicted): $599-$699
iPad Air 6 release date (predicted): October, 2023 

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