Fortnite's #FreeFortnite tournament could win you an Xbox One X, PS4 Pro or Nintendo Switch

#FreeFortnite Tournament Prizes
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In an attempt to continue its anti-Apple crusade, Epic Games is hosting a tournament within Fortnite that could yield players a handful of "appropriately" themed prizes.

Players will receive one point for every three minutes they're inside of a match, one point for every elimination and 10 points for every victory royale. This tournament will only be available on August 23. 

#FreeFortnite tournament prizes

The most easily acquired prize will be the Tart Tycoon Outfit, which is an equitable skin of the monochrome Apple-headed man with a suit and tie seen within Fortnite's latest "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite" advertisement. This requires that players score 10 points, which is easily achieved with just a single victory royale.

The prizes get a bit more ridiculous from here, with the top 20,000 players globally receiving a "Free Fortnite" hat with the logo of a rainbow llama at the top. And finally, players who manage to be within the top 1,200 players globally will receive either an Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro, OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Alienware Gaming Laptop.

This publicity stunt is an attempt for Fortnite to reappear on the Apple Store. Epic Games claims that this push is in an attempt to create a fair environment for application creators to thrive within Apple's marketplace. Apple responded to these claims by saying it has rules that need to be followed for the sake of quality control.

Apple vs. Epic Games has become quite the fiasco, and it's especially bizarre to see Fortnite push this agenda onto fans. 

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