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Gaming on the MSI Wind

The MSI Wind is not being marketed as a gaming laptop and for good reason. You wouldn't expect a mini-notebook with an integrated graphics chip, a low-power Atom CPU, and a 1024x600 resolution screen ...

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Mini-Notebook Typing Madness: Revenge of the Wind

A while back, we challenged the fiercest typists in our office to a mini-notebook typeoff with the Eee PC, the HP Mini-Note and the CTL 2Go PC. The HP Mini-Note, with an average word per minute (wpm) ...

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How to Negotiate for a Better Deal with Your Cell Carrier

Like many other Sprint customers, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the BlackBerry Curve 8330. Today it finally became available. However, I just purchased a new phone with a two-year cont...

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Mini-Notebook Typing Madness Part I: Eee PC

Like everyone else, we here at LAPTOP are enamored with mini-notebooks, but we're concerned about the size of the keyboards. While the HP Mini-Note sports an almost full-size keyboard with much more f...

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