Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get 150 Moonstones for free with this simple trick

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Disney Dreamlight Valley currently features a loophole that easily allows the player to earn 150 Moonstones for free. There’s no catch here, except that you can only do it once. Additionally, not everyone will be able to perform this exploit. You can only do it if you’ve already completed the Pixar Fest Star Path. If you haven’t, come back to this guide when you have.

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How to get 150 Moonstones for free in Disney Dreamlight Valley 

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1. Open the main menu, go to the Event section, and scroll down to Rewards. Select Buy Currencies. Remember, this trick will only be successful if you’ve finished the Pixar Fest Star Path first. If you haven’t, you won’t be able to redeem your free Moonstones.

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2. Purchase 100 Tokens. This should cost you a total of 1,600 Moonstones. If it’s asking for more, something is wrong and you should not continue with this guide. Notice that it says “Get a discount on your first purchase of 100 Token” at the bottom. 

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3. Go to Rewards and select the Moonstone Icon at the bottom. It’s sitting to the right of the fifth rewards tier. Press Collect at the bottom right until you’re out of Tokens. Each purchase will cost 10 Tokens and rewards 175 Moonstones, resulting in 1,750 Moonstones total after spending 100 Tokens. You’ll be 150 Moonstones richer than you were before.

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4. Profit. You can see I’m currently at 7,720 Moonstones. When I started this guide (check the earlier photos), I was at 7,570 Moonstones. And just like that, it works. Enjoy your easy Moonstones!

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