Hogwarts Legacy hits low price of $29 among today's Black Friday PS5 game deals

Hogwarts Legacy PS5
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Black Friday is nearly here, but as has become tradition in recent years, what was once merely a Friday turned into Cyber Monday. Eventually, it morphed into a whole week of deals, effectively becoming its own season. Yes, it may only be Wednesday, but Black Friday has already started at many retailers, and if you're on the lookout for some of the best Black Friday gaming deals, look no further.

Hogwarts Legacy is no exception, having launched and quickly solidified itself as the best critically received title based on the Harry Potter universe to date. And now, you can get Hogwarts Legacy for only $30 at Target. Yup, the website is taking $40 off of its regular cost of $70, which is great savings if you've finally been looking for a good time to jump in. This is one of the best Black Friday PS5 game deals you can get. 

Today's best Hogwarts Legacy deal

Hogwarts Legacy for PS5
Was: $69 Now: $29 @ Target

Hogwarts Legacy for PS5
Now: $29 @ Target
Hogwarts Legacy is the critically acclaimed adventure RPG based on the Harry Potter universe.

Features: Hogwarts Legacy puts the player into the shoes of a Hogwarts student who they can freely create and experience the best parts of this iconic school. Cast spells, attend classes, and make friends throughout one of the most iconic settings in fiction!

Release date: Feb. 2023

Price check: Steam $36 | Game Stop $40 | Best Buy $40  | PS Store $42

Price history: This deal is the lowest price we've ever seen for Hogwarts Legacy

Reviews: Our most popular brands had a wondrous time with Hogwarts Legacy, and while they seem to agree the game falls short of perfection, it's a great buy for anyone looking to get lost in the Wizarding World.

Tom's Guide: ★★★★ | GamesRadar: ★★★½

Buy it if: You're a fan of Harry Potter and want to experience the joy of Hogwarts in a critically acclaimed RPG. 

Don't buy it if: You're not particularly a fan of Harry Potter and don't like the idea of exploring Hogwarts. 

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