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Lenovo makes a gaming chair with a built-in Katana and its forged in Anime fire

Lenovo Demon Slayer gaming chair
(Image credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo went all in and designed a Demon-Slayer-inspired gaming chair and it's awesome but sadly they only made 5. It comes with a color scheme that mimics Demon Slayer character Giyu Tomioka's clothing. However, the wild color scheme is the last thing you will notice because this chair comes with a built-in Katana holder and a replica Nichirin Blade which is not removable from its scabbard.

Lenovo Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Lenovo )

The Anime-themed chair would be the perfect spot to sit while playing such games as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Total War Shogun 2, or Ghost Of Tsushima. As part of a promotional giveaway in Japan, the 5 gaming chairs will go to lucky winners only. However, keep your eyes on eBay as one may pop up there, well we can hope. 

Honestly, I wish they made a removable plastic Katana that I could whip out and run around with in my gaming area. But let's face it, I'm the reason why they didn't allow for that. None of that takes away from the coolness of this promotional chair. Kudos to Lenovo for being creative.