Mavix M9 gaming chair review

If Mercedes made a gaming chair, it would be the Mavix M9

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair
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The Mavix M9 gaming chair is a stylish, elegant, comfortable, highly adjustable and easy -to -assemble gaming chair that is super supportive and meant for all- day gaming and work


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    Stylish design

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    Loads of adjustability

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    Easy Assembly

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    Excellent back support

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    Luxurious materials and top-notch construction


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Let’s get the elephant out of the room right now. Yes, the Mavix M9 costs $999.99, and yes, that’s expensive. However, if, like myself, you have back issues, and sit for most of your workday, then it’s a must-have (provided you have the budget for it). For a large human-like myself with freakishly large extremities, it’s worth every penny, and I would sacrifice a pint of blood to keep this chair under my amble bottom. 

The Mavix M9 I received is an all-black, stylish chair reminiscent of the time I had the pleasure of driving a Mercedes Benz for a week. The lumbar support featuring “Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric is fantastic and offers constant auto-adjusting support for your lower back; you don’t even realize it’s doing its appointed task so well. It’s like a silent supportive best friend that makes sure you’re good.

Mavix M9 pricing and configurations

The Mavix M9 ($999.99) comes in four different colors, White, Black and White, Black and Grey, and Black. The other trims or Mavix’s gaming chair series are the M5 ($555.55) and M7 ($777.77), which both come with the backrest covered in the mesh material and featuring several color options.

Mavix M9 design

The Mavix M9 can be best described as space-aged gaming meets elegant understated styling. Many gaming chairs are aesthetically bulky, but the M9 appears sinewy with the Mavix name on the headrest and the logo embroidered on the top-right corner of the rear cushion. It looks like the kind of chair you would find inside a giant anime robot unlike most other gaming chairs, which are often labeled “racing” or “racing inspired.” There’s no need or desire to race here; the Mavix M9 is meant to stand and fight, well sit and fight, and lead others to victory. 

From behind, it’s all space-age black satin steel and plastic materials engineered to be highly adjustable and provide support, yet look uniquely stylish. With a wide seat and the ability to adjust the seat depth, the recline tension, the back height, making the M9 very malleable, to insure your comfort. 

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Mavix)

The Mavix M9 I reviewed also came with an all-black footrest covered in a metallic graphene material that you place on top of its steel chrome rubber-padded base. It is available for $44.44 and adds a comfortable spot to place your feet while sitting. Also, the footrest is free if you purchase the chair before January 31st 2021.

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Mavix)

Mavix M9 comfort

 The wide seat on the Mavix M9 is made from Cool Gel M Foam. It molds to your body but is also springy to provide support and never give you that sinking feeling you get with other memory foam products. The seat, upper backrest, and headrest are sumptuously wrapped in M Breeze Fabric, which I swore was leather as it had the look and consistency while remaining cool.

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Mavix)

The Dynamic Variable Lumbar features an Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric, a woven multi-layered breathable nylon that is both responsive and super supportive all while providing excellent springiness. The armrests are dimensionally adjustable for height as well as moving forward, backward, inward, and outward to suit all your needs. The steel and plastic armrests have memory foam padding on top and are ready to assist you in conquering your workload or vanquishing your enemies. 

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Mavix)

I tested out the full 127 degrees of nearly flat reclinability, and fell asleep while playing Borderlands 3; not because Borderlands is boring, but I simply was that comfortable. When you’re 6-foot, 3-inches, and 255 pounds, finding a chair that is comfortable yet sturdy enough to recline in is hard. You never get that feeling of being out of control when reclining in the Mavix M9 which is reassuring and appreciated. The Mavix M9 was comfortable in every position with my back always feeling well supported.

Mavix M9 assembly

I normally use a gaming chair in my home office because they tend to offer the most support and comfort. When the Mavix M9 arrived in its black, blue, and white box, I was intrigued. Once the box was opened, the first thing I noticed was the thickness and quality of the steel used in the Mavix M9 parts. They were heavy, thick, well machined, covered in a satin black finish, and sultry smooth to the touch. Every piece felt solid, nothing felt cheaply made, each piece had a handcrafted appeal to it. 

Like most gaming chairs, the Mavix is broken down into several pieces starting with a 5-star base, wheels, an armrest, the seat with mechanicals, and the backrest. I used the bolts, and two hex tools that came with it, and it took me 10 minutes to assemble. You will find that there are two sets of wheels to choose from: a hard plastic set and a set of Kryptonic rubber wheels that took me back to my roller skating days. 

I’m a sucker for nostalgia so I started by putting the Kryptonic rubber wheels into the five-star base; they clicked firmly into place with a little effort. I then inserted the heavy- duty gas cylinder. With the cylinder firmly locked into place, I attached the seat. After flipping it over and onto the floor, I attached the backrest to the seat, then the armrests, and finally the headrest; it was quick and painless. There is an instructional video available as well, which you can find here.

Mavix M9 warranty

The Mavix M9 Warranty is as follows: Moving parts and materials have a 5-year warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship. In the first 2 years, Mavix will pay for replacement parts and shipping after which you'll need to pay for shipping costs. Non-moving parts, like the metal bits, fall under a 12-year warranty. 

Bottom line

For $999.99 you’re getting one of the most ergonomic, adjustable, comfortable, stylish, and easy-to-assemble gaming chairs imaginable. Mavix does offer financing, to make it more attainable for those of us on a budget. 

The Mavix M9 is excellent, and offers great back support throughout, superbly stable reclining and it’s made of high quality materials. The M9 also comes with one of the best warranties around. You’re definitely going to get what you paid for if you purchase a Mavix M9 gaming chair.

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