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Best Prime Day USB Type-C hubs deals

Best Prime Day USB Type-C hubs deals
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is in ending soon, and so are the best Prime Day USB-C hubs deals!

Getting a reliable USB Type-C hub that doesn't cost near $100 can be tough to come by, but we're curating a list of the best USB Type-C hubs you can easily find one that's affordable.

Amazon offers a free 30-day Prime membership trial as an incentive to start shopping. You can cancel before your trial ends to avoid being charged the $119 yearly membership for Prime, but $119 isn't too bad since you get Amazon Prime Video bundled with it. College students can also sign up for a Prime Student membership to shop for Prime Day deals. Prime Student costs $59 per year (50% less than a traditional membership) and offers many of the same perks.

Be sure to bookmark our Prime Day page for this year’s exclusive deals.

Prime Day USB Type-C hubs deals right now

Best Prime Day USB Type-C hubs deals

Novoo USB Type-C 8-in-1: was $50 now $32 @ Amazon
If you're looking for a USB Type-C hub with plenty of ports, the Novoo USB Type-C 8-in-1 hub might just do the trick. This particular model comes with three USB Type-A ports, an RJ45 port, an SD card slot, a microSD card slot, an HDMI port and a USB Type-C port.View Deal

Hiearcool USB-C 11-in-1: was 79 now $64 @ Amazon
This USB Type-C hub comes with a whopping 11 connections, including four USB Type-A ports, an RJ45 port, two HDMI ports, one USB Type-C port, an SD card slot, a microSD card slot and a VGA port.View Deal

 Twelve South StayGo 12-in-1: was $99 now $65 @ Amazon
When you absolutely, positively need to plug every peripheral in, accept no substitutes. With room for 3 USB Type-A ports, a 4K HDMI port, a USB Type-C port, Gigabit Ethernet and an SD card reader, the Twelve South StayGo 12-in-1 USB Type-C hub is a great choice for bot Mac and PC users. And it's on sale for $64. View Deal

Rekidm USB Hub 3.0: was $10, now $6 @ Amazon
It might be a bit simple, but at $6 are you really going to complain? Besides, the Redkidm USB Hub 3.0 is serving up 4 USB Type-A ports plus a USB Type-C port. And it's small enough to stash in the side pocket of just about any bag. View Deal

Plugable USB-C 7-in-1 Hub Multiport Adapter: was $27 now $21 @ Amazon
If you own a MacBook, Dell XPS, Chromebook or PC, the Plugable USB-C 7-in-1 Hub Multiport Adapter is for you. Currently on sale for $21 the hub features 7 ports including USB Type-A ports, a microSD card slot and a 4K HDMI port. View Deal

Lionwei Universal 8-Port Powered USB 3.0/USB C Hub: was $38 now $30 @ Amazon
The Lionwei Universal 8-Port USB-C Hub is currently on sale for $30 and is bringing a pack of ports for your buck. It's bringing 6 USB Type-A ports with a SD card reader as well as a microSD card reader. View Deal

Mokin USB-C Laptop Docking Station 9-in-1: was $60 now $37 @ Amazon
Whether you're a photographer who that needs a card reader or just need more ports than that slim ultraportable can give you, check out the Mokin USB-C Laptop Docking Station 9-in-1. It's currently on sale for $37 and has a plethora for ports. View Deal

UGREEN USB-C Hub: was $14 now $11 @ Amazon
The UGREEN USB-C Hub has four USB 3.0 ports and a Micro USB port. This is simple and doesn't possess as many complex ports as other hubs do, but if you just need additional USB 3.0 ports, this should do this trick.View Deal

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