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This Wild Tablet Doubles as a Transformer

The next time you see a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, it might be more than meets the eye. The Beijing-based electronics company has joined forces with Hasbro to create a new Transformers toy based on the Chinese company's flagship  tablet.

The toy is a variant of the popular Transformer Soundwave. On Facebook, Xiaomi's vice president of design, Hugo Barra, wrote that the team was "challenged at turning such a slim 7mm tablet into a 3D robot, but they managed to do so with a 30-step folding assembly."

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The tablet doesn't actually work, of course, but it does turn into a robot before your eyes. Xiaomi is crowdfunding the toy on its Web site, and the toy costs 169 Yuan (roughly $26). As of this writing, the figure has reached surpassed its goal four times over at 405 percent funding, making it clear that Transformers and Mi Pad 2 fans are enthusiastic about the project.

The actual Mi Pad 2 released late last year in China, packing a powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and a rich 7.9, 2048 x 1536 display. The slate comes in Windows and Android variations, though there's no telling which version turns into a Transformer.