Windows 10 Will Show You Everything Microsoft Has On You

Since Windows 10 launched, privacy experts and concerned users have complained about a lack of privacy options and the fact that the OS collects so much personal data. Microsoft has slowly provided more information, but the next build of Windows, code named Redstone 4, will be far more transparent with a tool to view data being sent to Microsoft.

Dubbed the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, the tool will let you see any diagnostic data from Windows 10 about your device. It will be available in the Microsoft Store and show data including your device's specs, network information and peripherals, device health and performance data, usage data and installed applications.

It gets pretty detailed, too, as more tech-saavy Windows 10 users will be able to look at the actual code that's sent to Microsoft. 

Like most Windows 10 features, it will first show up as a feature in the Windows Insider Program prior to a full release in Redstone 4.

Windows 10 Security and Networking