Windows 10 S Will Let You Skip Passwords Forever

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17093 is ready for users in the fast ring, and it brings about a bunch of new features. The main events are some new graphics options and, for Windows 10 S users, a way to go completely password free.

The update will give Insiders early access to Windows 10's HDR features. Microsoft is expanding the list of hardware capable of being calibrated for HDR. You can see if your laptop is included by going to Settings > Apps > Video playback and seeing if you can switch the toggle to on to access a new calibration tool. By default, it uses full display brightness, so you'll want to change that if you're not plugged in.

There's also a new option for multi-GPU systems to decide which card to use for specific applications. Choosing a new intensive game? Make sure it uses the discrete GPU. Otherwise, go for integrated. This is similar to other tools from AMD and Nvidia, but now it's built into Windows 10 and lets you choose between UWP apps and regular apps.

If you're on Windows 10 S, Microsoft is testing a completely password-free experience. With Microsoft's Authenticator app for iOS or Android, you'll be able to set up an entire PC without ever entering a password. And if your laptop has a Windows Hello-enabled fingerprint reader or infrared camera set up, you'll never see a password box again, including on the lock screen.

Build 17093 includes a few other neat tweaks, including welcome aesthetic changes to the Game Bar and more streamlined pairing to certain Bluetooth devices, as well as security updates and a way to delete diagnostic data that Microsoft has collected about your computer.

Some of this may be available widely in Redstone 4, the next major build of Windows 10 rumored for March or April. But if you don't mind some potential bugs, you can try these features now.

Images: Microsoft

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