Here Are the Coolest Fluent Design Features in Windows 10

Windows 10 offered a significant modern redesign that brought the Microsoft operating system out of the confusion of Windows 8 and the already-retro aesthetic of Windows 7. And on Oct. 7, with the launch of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the new Fluent design language marks the next step in the evolution of Windows. 

In a recent video, Microsoft showed off how Fluent will tweak all the apps Windows users rely on today. Rather than adding new user features, Fluent pushes a series of changes including opaque and transparent windows, a brighter tone and sliding menus in apps.

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Fluent's adjustments can be seen in the new and improved Photos app, which the video teased by showing how images move within their frames as you scroll down a page, similar to how some modern webpages on major news sites work. The video also highlights how the scroll bar on the right side of a window will shrink into the side of the screen once you're done using it. 

Also, expect a lot more animation, as the video teased ratings stars that move up and down as you scrol over them, which fits into the general theme of Fluent: a Windows that moves along with you as you're using it.

If this all doesn't sound like enough to make you upgrade, don't worry, the Fall Creators Update packs much more. Those new tricks start with its new Timeline, where you can find the files you worked on, on any device, by using a chronological timeline. Pick Up Where You Left Off makes it easy to switch Windows devices but keep working on the same project. It's also got a new universal clipboard, similar to the one Apple introduced in macOS Sierra.

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