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Verizon Wireless and GameTanium Offer Unlimited Gaming Service on Big Red Phones and Tablets

Verizon Wireless is giving its Android smartphone and tablet customers two ways to game. There's the old way: downloading and paying for games a la carte at anywhere between free and $15. And there's the new way: paying Verizon Wireless $5.99 a month to download any game available in its new digital storefront.

That storefront comes fully stocked with titles courtesy of the GameTanium service, a digital repository of casual games for the Android platform. Verizon's intentions are simple. Download the GameTanium app from Verizon's app market, pay the carrier-billed monthly $6 fee, and enjoy unlimited access to each game therein. Of course, the benefits of that proposition depend on the quality of GameTanium's selection.

Right now, the service lists Doodle God, Fruit Ninja, World of Goo, and Plants vs. Zombies as its most popular titles, but none of these appear in the Google Play Store's Top Paid games. Meanwhile, popular titles like Temple Run: Brave ($.99), The Amazing Spider-man ($6.99) and Max Payne Mobile ($2.99) are noticeably absent from GameTanium's lineup. 

Still, GameTanium could be a boon for heavy mobile gamers who don't like to shell out dough on a game-by-game basis, as long as they make sure to take advantage of the service's library and download several new titles a new month.

For those with happy thumbs that are eager to tap, slide, and drag their way to victory, GameTanium includes a free three-day trial and can be downloaded from the Verizon app store. Just remember, GameTanium requires Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher and at least a 1GB SD card.