How to Upgrade Your Alienware 17's RAM

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When we reviewed the Alienware 17, we found it to be a powerful performer partially due to its 16GB of RAM. If you don't have that much RAM yet (or want 32GB), you'll want to open it up and install more for an optimum gaming experience. You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver and some new DDR4 SODIMMs, which range in price from $64 for a pair of 8GBs (16GB) to $130 for a pair of 16GBs (32GB). Choose DIMMs with a speed of DDR-2400 (as opposed to DDR-2133) for maximum performance. Be sure to make a backup of your data before opening up your laptop.

Here's how to upgrade your Alienware 17's RAM:

1, Shut down and close your Alienware 17.

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2. Flip it over and loosen the two screws on the center plateThese don't come out.

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3. Pry off the cover. You shouldn't need anything other than your fingers, as it pops right out.

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4. Locate the RAM. The two modules are stacked one on top of the other. Depending on your configuration, it's possible there may only be one module of RAM in your laptop.

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5. Press down on the clips on the top set of SODIMMs. The RAM will pop out at an angle.

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6. Gently pull the RAM from the slot. Be sure not to touch the contacts and to place the unused RAM in an anti-static bag.

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7. Repeat the steps with the lower SODIMM.

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8. Place the new RAM in at an angle, then press it flat beneath the clips. Repeat for the top SODIMM.r5 2928341465225740

9. Place the cover back on the bottom and tighten the screws.2 2928341465225739

10. Verify your RAM is recognized by going to Settings > System > About or by visiting the Device Manager.

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